Kate Gosselin Tries to Be Funny on Jay Leno Show

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Her married life has at last come to an end after her divorce was made official on Friday, and it's safe to say that Kate Gosselin's TV career is over as well.

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    what sort of gear did you use, were you self-sufficient? Do you have a blog or journal cvoireng the trip and what gear you used in more detail? I am thinking of doing a tour through Scandinavia next year and am trying to work out what gear I'll need.


    Ok I would like to see any of these people pniostg the negative comments about jon & kate in a day to day taping of their lives. Nobody in this world is perfect nor the same. And I could almost gaurantee that anybody in America put under the microscope would have a long list of so called flaws but who is to say what is right and what is wrong. Besides God. So who are we to talk down about these people who are just doing what they believe to be best for their familly. And as far as taking all the freebies any person out there that says they would deny the free trips and offers is a LIAR. Yes they might be using there kids, but using their kids to better their kid's lives. I personally see nothing wrong with that!


    Mary the reason why Jon put the hat on if you were watching closly he was drugged from the procedure.

    I am surprised jon didn't leave long ago.. Sh eis money hungry and we will see when the money ios gone what she is like, you better save those coupons kate, you are going to need them.

    the only reason why kate wanted sole custody is MONey money money and so she could keep the kids( I laugh) home.

    GO JON!!!!




    She is funny. Jay is NOT.


    Kate was funny on Jay Leno (to one person, herself) Every comment she made was followed by her annoying cackle. And for whoever said Jon acted like it was Kate's fault he got hair plugs, it was. Jon had originally refused the offer for free hair plugs but, as usual, Kate nagged until he went along with it. (She told him he'd probably regret not getting them at some point so he really should do it). KATE WANTED Jon to NOT look like he was getting bald. Back to Kate the comedienne, oh, that's right, she ain't one. Just like she's not an actress or a talk show host, or a cartoon character voice (just the character).


    Watch Kate on a TV show? It's "So Not Happening".


    Kate's laugh is like a witch cackeling. Ugh! Go away, stupid lady. Get off the air. Teach your bratty kids some manners and learn some yourself, while you have the time. You should have plenty of time on your hands now, with the kids at school and your nanny, housekeeper, cook, and landscaper take care of everything else. Get a clue. Better yet, get cultherish.


    Love Kate, great job! By the way how Kate treated Jon. How about how Jon treated Kate? Yes, Jon was the good guy for so long and then we saw the real Jon the one Kate had to live with and understand Kate had another child, Jon! Jon sticking his tongue out, Kate trying to help Jon after getting hair plugs and the doctor told him not to wear a hat and Kate reminding Jon when Jon put a hat on instead of saying thank you, Jon acted like a baby! Like it was Kate fault he had hair plugs! Year after year of being the responsible one for 9 people would get old and make one seem like a b ***h. The buck stop with Kate and Jon played and was care free. Now Jon is finally going to have to grow up. By the way did he ever get his 9 to 5 job he wanted so bad. NOT!


    She is so annoying! I can't stand her laugh and she's NOT FUNNY! There's no way anyone would want to see her on television anymore! Just seeing her on Jay Leno for a couple minutes made me want to change the channel!

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