Jon and Kate Gosselin Divorce Made Official; Jon on the Hook For Huge Child Support Payments

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It's official. Jon and Kate Gosselin are divorced.

It also looks like financially, Jonny Boy is up $h!t creek without a paddle, because he owes big bucks for child support he'll have a hard time paying.

Mark Momjian, Kate's lawyer, says as per the divorce, "Our client will continue to reside with all eight of her children in the former marital home."

Kate has primary custody and Jon gets visitation, which both wanted. Neither party will get spousal support, but child support is another matter.

As for who got what, those terms were determined through arbitration, and Momjian simply said, "We are very pleased with the final outcome."

With good reason. Jon must make huge child support payments - think five figures a month - and this is after TLC has legally muzzled the moron.

Downtrodden Fella
Peace Out Jon

Kate Gosselin has many reasons to smile after her attorney opened up a can of legal whoop ass on Jon - who's on the hook for big monthly bucks - in divorce court.

Jon's ability to make money, ironically, has effectively been jeopardized by his own fame-whoring in recent months, breaching his TLC contract.

He also can blame himself for the end of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

To add insult to injury, the Ed Hardy-wearing douchebag was charged every penny of that $235,000 that he withdrew from their joint account.

That amount - which he hilariously claimed he withdrew because he thought it was payday - was sliced off of his piece of the divorce settlement.

As for Jon's claim that Kate also tried to steal money, Jon struck out as the arbitrator determined every penny she took out for the kids' benefit.

Talk about striking out ... possibly worse than he did the other night, when he was told in no uncertain terms to quit stalking Hailey Glassman.

Bottom line? A courtroom trouncing for Team Kate.

Whose side are you on?


hi kate jon and 8 beautifull children it dosent matter what people think or say i think you are both very coragous people every thing you have shown us (the audiance)and opened your life and story's a broken marrige is hard for any people i have seven children and 2 broken marriages the older the kids get the harder life gets watching and hoping that your kids dont go threw what we have been threw ive had to for many years struggle alone financially and emotionly and no family helping me i just hope you and jon can sort something out for the sake of your kids and a hugh house and tv in there face is not the best for them they need a normal and safe life without us interferring love what you have now and forever good luck and i hope you all have a safe jorney shelley.


Its sad and hurtful that most marriages end in divorce. I want to say to kate don't blame yourself and keep your head up and this to shall pass and to Jon you don't miss a good thang until its gone and in your case nine good thangs.


If the figure of $13,000 a month is correct for child support, it is ridiculously ridiculous (to quote Kate). Jon has no job and isn't child support usually based on what your income is? They do not need to live a life style that requires $156,00 a year from ONE parent (which if Kate is supposed to pay the other half would amount to $312,000 a year). Get rid of the mansion and live like REAL people!


Kate I just want you to know I think you are a hell of a woman. I have three children,two of which are twins. I know how hard it must be for you with 8 children, but remember that God blessed you with these wonderful children and he will continue to bless you to be able to support them. I am so proud of you as a woman that you never said a bad thing about Jon in interviews and as bad as you hurt you very carefully chose your words. Remember one last thing Kate. You may be hurting now because we only see the smaller picture, but God has something wonderful waiting in his bigger picture for you and your wonderful children. Dont care what anybody in the public has to say about you negatively. They are not walking in your shoes.


Jon is free from the treatment that completely belittles him, it is not up Hollywood, TLS or TMZ(bloodsuckers) to dictate the opinion of most people.


i'd like to have seen Jon and Kate work it out and live happily ever after. Jon should have a right to make money shame on the judge for telling him to shut up!


Happy for Kate!
For all those that think Kate should split the house- is Jon splitting the NY apartment?
Anyway, I think the house is in a trust for the kids and the custodial parent lives there with them. So much for Jon's "my property". He created his own mess.




Kate is disgusting and Jon is not much better. The kids are now too old to be "marketable" in a big way, Kate has no discernible talent to be an "entertainer", and Jon is just pitifully hopeless. Go away and get real jobs to support your kids, Jon and Kate!


It is sad that things had to go this far for Jon. I do believe Jon loves his children but he is the "fun" parent and children need a lot more than "fun". Kate had all the responsibility and will always have the responsibility because Jon doesn't want to grow up. However, now Jon will see what all those women wanted, the money and tv time and so now the women will leave too. I hope Kate finds happiness and a man that she can really lean on instead of always having to be the responsible one. Also, hope Jon has learned a lot through all this and takes responsibility and moves forward and becomes the father he should be. Best wishes to all of them for their children sake.

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