Julie Postle: Definitely Tiger Woods' Type

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Julie Postle is the latest mistress to be linked to Tiger Woods - and the former Orlando waitress (now a charity events organizer) definitely fits the mould.

Not just because she's blonde and a part-time model with a pulse. Julie Postle is the V.P. of an all-female Charity Organization called The Bad Girls Club.

The motto: "Bad Girls Doing Good." You can't make this stuff up. At least she isn't a porn star or a prostitute ... unlike several mistresses of Tiger Woods.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU: Tiger's mistress count continues to grow.

She hasn't confirmed the affair personally - her boyfriend sold her out - but judging by her hair, skin color and liberal use of the tongue, she's Tiger's type!

Below are some pictures from mistress #10's days as VIP host at Roxy nightlcub in Orlando, where she was known to get a little bit wild (clearly) at times.

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Pouring Drinks
Postle Pic

[Photos: TMZ]


julie is the nicest person you will ever meet.


In the UK somebody is spending a lot of time (and money) making sure that Tiger's UK mistress, a Scottish former TV sports presenter, is kept away from the spotlight. Could it be that the story would just be too big to handle if it comes out that Tiger has been involved with a (minor) celeb? Her Wiki page was hacked and repaired very quickly. Could it be that the reason that Tiger's PR handlers appear to have dropped the ball lately is because they are desperately trying to make sure that some even more damaging revelations don't come to light? Of the career and marriage ending type? We shall see!

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