Julie Postle Ups Tiger Woods Mistress Count to 10

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Julie Postle, previously known to gossip hounds as "Unidentified Orlando Cocktail Waitress," was identified as one of Tiger Woods' mistresses this afternoon.

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    Rich WHITE MEN have been relentlessly cheating since the begining of time and it is quietly swept under the rug. This is only big news because of Mr. Woods ethnicity and his wife's ethnicity. Also because of Mr. Wood's success as an African American. White America has always went out of the way to smear powerful African American males. This is just another example. Shame on you white America! There has always been a double standard we know it and so do you. Period!


    Yea,this is bad for the high end ho business. Have to cool it for a few weeks. It'll "blow" over, they all do.


    I don't have to guess why he had all these different women... what I'm guessing about is why the heck did he ever get married?? What possible reason did he use to justify that one? Surely it wasn't just to get 'in her pants' when he seems to have more pants (and panting women) than he knows what to do with!! Its the getting married part that really stumps me!


    TigerSluts parade continues--love "heartbroken" Vegas/mob controlled sluts who thought "he really loved me"--hookers who broadcast who their johns/clients are...no thanks! Vegas mob pimps regularly rent out whores to NBA, NFL,MLB, PGA and other athletes for $10-15K monthly retainer, plus tips for handlers like Uchitel/Moquin--sluts are shipped to where ever parties(orgies) are--assembly line booty for our sports heroes! Vegas mob/pimps profit from prostitution/extortion scams perfected via text/email/PDAs--major growth industry since 80s, when porn exploded--clubs packed w/porn-bots--this whole saga is great advertisement for Vegas clubs--but after this, why would anyone spend a dime on Vegas sluts who can't keep her mouths shut, and sets you up?


    She 'outed' herself on Bubba The Love Sponge last week!


    I agree wth the blogger above,this Tiger oops Cheetah oops Cheater seems to have thrown caution to the winds while rolLICKing with whores,amazing Doggie, hats off to u.Ihve a feelig he was itching to get caught.Now that he has I need to celebrate.There shud be death sentence awarded to dog husbands like this who hve no respect for marital vows or commitment,Ifeel this way coz Ihve been in Elin s shoes-the pain and hurt is unbearable,u hve to experience it to believe it!


    Tiger was working in his garden when he yelled to his wife "where be my ho". Later Tiger was rushed to the hospital with a hoe in his eye.


    Tiger's a greedy bastard. He gonna leave no hos for the rest of us!


    Repent Tiger repent! Hell and brimstone await thee if ye not repent!

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