Jon Gosselin Denies Staging Apartment Break-In

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Denying reports that he staged a break-in at his New York apartment, Jon Gosselin was there for about one minute before leaving to report it, he says.

"He is going to be clocked by that surveillance camera going into his building," his loudmouth lawyer, Mark Heller, said, noting that he left immediately.

Sixty seconds after Jon Gosselin went in, “he comes down to talk to management. It’s all on tape. He couldn’t have done that damage in 60 seconds."

His ex-girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, has been questioned by police in connection with the Saturday incident and her parents have also spoken to cops.

Hailey moved out last week of the apartment they shared, and her attorney says she did remove items, including a TV, but that the items were hers.

That doesn't explain the place getting trashed, Jon's clothes getting slashed, the valuables being smashed, or word "cheater" carved into the bed.

WILD THING: Did Hailey Glassman go nuts on Jon Gosselin's apartment?

Some of Jon’s clothing was slashed, a Ming vase was broken and a note bearing the name Hailey Glassman was speared to the dresser with a knife.

Hailey’s lawyer says she had nothing to do with it, but Heller insists she did, and "the forensics evidence will back up" that she's a knife-wielding maniac.

Driving home his point, he said: She (Hailey) is looking at felony charges in my opinion ... and if she is convicted she is definitely doing jail time."

“I mean taking a butcher knife and cutting expensive items, breaking a family heirloom ...  give me a break. I don’t know how you can cut her slack."

Maybe not, but by the lack of charges being pressed against Hailey, the legal system is giving her the benefit of the doubt, at least for the time being.

You do have to wonder, though. If Jon didn't stage the vandalism, did someone else trash his place and attempt to frame her? Who else could get in?


I find it kind of ironic how people were so upset that kate had belittled him and treated him badly lol but you know what what he has done has been a million times worse, He's a liar and a thief what is that teaching his children??? daddy cant tell the truth and he steals money from there bank account nice the man needs to go get a news paper and sit down and do somthing he should of done months a go FIND A JOB!!! because he doesnt have one!


these people are not celebrities. why are they treated as such. well paris finally went away as will the gosselins


Jon Gosselin is a "JERK" he need's to beg forgiveness from his x wife Kate, she really is too good for him, but for the sake of that family, he need's to go home and shape up and act like a man! He has been acting like a fool. He has such a wonderfull family and he should appreciate what he once had. What an A-- I can't believe he has gone off of the deep end and acted like he did, He used to be such a good father, now look at him! If he dosen't shape up he should Jump off a bridge. Sincerely Millie


they are supposed to have actual video of Hailey in action....along with fingerprits galore (on the note & knife)....This girl is a whack-job...not saying Jon doesn't deserve what he has coming, she is definetly a piece of trash...a psychotic piece of trash....


even s**T doesn't believe Jon . This man needs to get a grip on life and wipe that slimeball of a lawyer off his shoe before he loses his kids also

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