Hailey Glassman: Down with Jon Gosselin!

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Hailey Glassman wants 2010 to be drama-free. That means her resolution is to be Jon Gosselin-free. Now that's a New Year's goal we can get behind!

Jon's 22-year-old ex Jon announced her 2010 plans on her private Twitter account, which THG is lucky enough to have access to. We're totes friends.

"My New years resolution is to finally stand up for myself, not let myself be controled+manipulated by Jon," she wrote, "I wish for him out of my life."

Maybe she should also resolve to use spell check.

Glassman has said on numerous occasions that she was "emotionally abused" by Jon Gosselin during the relationship and that he would throw "mantrums" at her.

Hailey Glassman is turning over a new, Jon-free leaf.

As recently as December 8, Glassman told Radar Online that she was furious to learn the truth about Gosselin's fling with Star magazine reporter Kate Major.

"I'm mind boggled and hurt by it," she said, noting that she awkwardly still lives with Jon in New York. "He still lies to me about it and denies it to this day."

But Hailey Glassman, who was recently seen kissing Damon Feldman, is moving on, and moving out ... of the Manhattan apartment she shared with Jon.

She also wants to lose some weight!

"Moving into my new place! :-)," she Twittered, "and another resolution is what every womens says "Get back into shape".-lol.Ladies lets all succeed together."

Again with the spell check. Just saying.


22 and dumb as a door knob....another guy got a turn on her. I guess since Jon's pretty much broke and does have 8kids the fun is over. Get a life.


she is still a home-wrecker! She is loving this attention and it is sickening. She thinks she has a fan club on twitter, most of them are just nosy and follow her to get the scoop.


ya I would have to agree she was a gold digger I think she was in it for some money the money has dried up because he has a gag order on him , he has no actual job or means of income and now a huge ass child support cause the dumbass apparently didnt realize he has 8 kids lol


What a slut! Typical gold digging whore. Now that there's no more gold in the Gosselin mine, she will move on.


Seems to me that she was with him to get her name in the public. Don't get me wrong, he is an ***. But what does a woman in her 20s want with a man in his 30s who is not good looking and has 8 children to boot.


I remember that she had something on Twitter about a month or so ago saying how that the truth would come out and how all the haters would owe them a HUGE apology. LOL!!! Looks like the only person who owes her an HUGE apology is Gosselin himself.


So proud of Hailey for finally moving on! I was really shocked when she said she was still living with Jon, but not anymore I guess.
She needs to move on and explore a life outside of Jon Gosselin.
I am really relieved that she finally seems to be getting the message and not holding out any kind of hope for her and Jon.
That ship honestly sailed long ago when he decided to cheat and be emotionally abusive to her. She deserves far better then what she was getting from him. She needs to find someone who truly loves her and doesn't take advantage of her and isn't abusive. She needs to find happiness with a real man. She needs to get her relationship back with her mom and she's going to be okay. She's strong I have the feeling.


Is this the longest break-up in the history of man? She's obviously dragging things out so she can stay in the public eye. Go away Hailey, and take a remedial English class while you're at it.

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