Hailey Glassman: Jon Gosselin Owes Me Rent!

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Chalk up another reason for Jon Gosselin to be on suicide watch.

He has few friends and no job, is on the hook for five-figure monthly child support payments, and now his ex says he owes her a small fortune in rent money.

Somebody better take away Jonny Boy's belt and shoelaces ASAP.

Hailey Glassman, Jon's post-Kate rebound piece, says the douchebag pocketed thousands in rent money she paid him. As in he never actually paid the rent.

She and Jon lived in a West Side apartment building in New York City, which she moved out of Wednesday (even though she says they broke up weeks ago).

Why'd she move out? Maybe because someone didn't pay rent.

On Christmas, Hails set the record straight on Twitter:

Jon is Smokin'

Hailey Glassman calls Jon Gosselin a liar and thief.

"FYI That apartment everyone calls 'Jon's Apartment' was MY apartment as well," Hailey Twittered. "We split rent! He's been living off my family and I."

"So ... get your facts right before you all assume. My family and I found out a week ago he's been pocketing our rent money 'n not paying the rent!"

Hailey Glassman, who also bashed Jon for his relationship with Kate Major, adds fuel to growing speculation over Jon's financial woes with these Tweets.

Jon and Kate Gosselin's divorce just became final, leaving him responsible for hefty child support payments. The biggest problem with that obligation?

Thanks to TLC's pending lawsuit against him, Jon can no longer earn money with public appearances or interviews that violate his non-compete clause.

So cross out those nightly visits to The Insider. On the plus side, he can probably still get a job in IT like the old days ... well, except for the recession.


Hailey to jail! thats where she belongss to!


Scorned women and their knives! LOL! I'd like to know how this dirt bag is going to pay 10,000 a month in child support. Yes, thats what has been reported. I think its hilarious someone tore up his shyt! He should of tried to make it work with Kate...too late now. I don't like either of them.


jon was ordered to pay the money he stole back to the account from wich he stole it from that was minused from what he got in the divorce so i doubt he has more than enought to buy one of those ugly t shirts he seems to like so much


Bebot, beautiful post. PERFECT. I am so sick and tired of these people who don't take or dont' think they need to take responsibility for their actions. They are all immature children. Kicking and screaming and whining about their situation instead of acting like a civilized adult and accepting your role in it and making ammends or moving on etc. People point fingers at Kate and/or Jon etc but all are to blame in some way or another. Any adult woman who gets involved with a married man, regardless of the situation, should get zero pity from anyone.


Jon doesn't owe her rent money. She lived there for the months she paid. If Jon still owes money on his lease then that's another issue but she paid rent for living there and she lived there. How does he owe her? If anything he owes the owner of the apartment, but that's another story.


Hailley Glassman...you get what you deserve, you are non victim, I have ZERO sympathy for you. You KNOWINLGY became involved with a MARRIED MAN- Jon Gosselin- while you KNEW the Marriage was fragile- whether or not the marriage was on the outs isn't relevant, he was MARRIED with EIGHT KIDS AT HOME. This is what happens when you have a screwed up value system, you end up with someone else with a screwed up value system. What goes around comes around. Kate Gosselin...you are SO LUCKY to be rid of this dirty dirtbag Jon.


how much money did jon get in the divorce that is now final? He can pay his child support with that. He made huge money while still married to kate , they have huge assets and huge bank accounts. he must have got half.

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