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On television, Grizz Chapman is known for uttering a few hilarious 30 Rock quotes as Tracy Jordan’s sidekick.

In real life, however, the actor is facing a serious battle.

On tomorrow’s The Dr. Oz Show, Chapman will announce he’s dealing with severe hypertension and is in dire a kidney transplant. However, the 6’10” star must lose about 75 pounds to become a viable candidate for organ transplant.

“Whatever I can do for the longevity of my life, I’m going to do,” he told People.

As you might expect, of course, Grizz is nervou about a kidney transplant.

“I’m afraid to get one because of all the unknown things. You can put a kidney in your body – and somewhere down the line your body might reject it. I’m not saying I don’t want to go through with it but it’s a little scary. It’s a big decision,” he said.

We wish Chapman the best of luck. The man has always made us laugh.

** UPDATE: In August 2010, Grizz received his kidney. Great news!