Elin Woods: The Wedding Ring is Off!

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After weeks in seclusion, Tiger Woods' wife Elin was finally spotted in public this weekend - sans wedding ring - at a gas station near the Woods' Florida home.

Elin Nordegren Woods ventured out to take the couple's two children to a Christmas party Sunday, and The Sun (UK) has pics to show the ring wasn't worn.

She normally wears it, too, so this can't be a good sign for Tiger. He's been trying to reconcile with Elin, but she is rumored to be planning to divorce him.

Elin Woods' ring-less outing also came amid reports the sex scandal-plagued family was paid a visit by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

The child services visit, in which agency workers were flanked by cops, often visit families to ensure the well-being of children following domestic violence.

Vintage Elin Nordegren

This is Elin Woods. Tiger Woods is a frickin' idiot.

An epic fight at the couple's house is thought to have sparked the post-Thanksgiving car crash that exposed Tiger's seedy, secret, sex-crazed double life.

Tiger announced Friday that he's taking an indefinite break from golf in a bid to save his marriage to Elin and become a "better husband, father and person."

Good luck with that.

"She's putting on a brave face but she's hurting," says a source. "Tiger is doing all he can but I can't see them getting through this. The wounds are too deep."

It's hard for us to imagine her taking him back after this, as well. It wasn't exactly an isolated case ... or 10. There's cheating and there's being a man-whore.

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Regardless, the world's #1 golfer has irreparably harmed his image. To further reinforce what a moron Tiger is, click to enlarge some Elin Woods pictures ...

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I've looked at their photos, including wedding. These two were not in love! He went overboard, but I'm glad they split.


Elin wood is one hot mama. There wont be any problem for her to find replacement. The same is also true with Tiger. The victims in this scenario is the children. There are no two other persons who love them unconditionally. The tabloids are making money, so are the sponsors , so are tiger's female friend for sex, so are the media. I am glad that the children are still too small too comprehend this ugly episode. Wake up Tiger ! No matter how amorous you are, you are already a father. Your son would want a role model and so is your daughter. May be you should not be married at all after this , if your divorce came true. I have been confused as well before in life and I am not judging you. Both Tiger and Elin are now very confused but Tiger is the most confused. Tiger, do not confused sex with love. Good luck to you both. If you two get divorced in the end , please do it amicably for the sake of the two beautiful innocent beings.