Report: Elin Woods to Divorce Tiger After Holidays

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Elin Nordegren Woods, the scorned wife of disgraced golfer Tiger Woods, has decided to leave him after Christmas and is talking with a divorce lawyer.

That's according to largely un-sourced tabloid reports coming out of the UK, and has not been confirmed by either Woods. But would you blame her?

Vintage Elin Nordegren

Sources say Elin wants the holiday season to appear normal for the couple's two children, Sam and Charlie, but will separate from Tiger shortly after.

Despite reports that Elin Woods moved out and is already back in her native Sweden, she remains in Central Florida with the two kids as of this posting.

Elin is said not to be in a huge rush to file divorce papers and that money is not a prime concern. Nor should it be, she'll be getting plenty regardless.

"I'll be taking the kids and a few hundred million, thanks."

The revelation of Tiger Woods' long list of mistresses caught her completely off guard and it’s a "raw" situation, according to friends of Elin Nordegren.

Amazing as it seems, Elin supposedly had no idea Tiger was cheating and the stress of the situation has caused her emotional and physical stress.

Unconfirmed rumors are also circulating that Tiger is still in touch with mistress Rachel Uchitel, the first of Tiger's many affairs to be publicly identified.

It also appears that Tiger, who just announced an indefinite break from golf, is in some type of counseling after Elin angrily insisted he see a therapist.

Will she stay with him? Should she stay with him? No matter how lucrative he makes the prenup, it's hard to imagine her giving him a second chance.

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Dear Elin...sweet Elin,
In this unpredictable life we don't know what will come our way so nobody questions the stress you go through. However...there is NO cure for sexual addiction. No spa treatment, no "rehab" exists that can cure this. No matter what the people say, he will never again look at you the way he did when you first met. He will cheat again, I guarantee he has already been in contact with new women. You deserve so much more. Please, Please, Please move on and don't go back to Tiger. For you, for your children and for all the women who are watching and looking up to you right now. Make the right call. You are wonderful.
All the best.


Nobody gives one rat's ass about any of your opinions. Why would anyone care what any of you dipshits have to say about an issue that has nothing to do with any of you. Novel Idea: Less time focusing on Tiger's life and more time focusing on your own.


Only Elin knows what is best for her and her kids. I wish her all the best , no matter what her decision.


Did Elin trash his trophy room the night he crashed into the tree?


Hey Elin, my sister was with a man that was just like tiger,he done to her what tiger has done to you ,guess what Elin they don,t change, he will always be a womanizer, and there will always be some lowlife he will hook up with, I don,t think it would matter who he was married too,he would still behave same, good luck Elin hope all goes well for you and your children


Leave him, he deserves it! Tiger will not change, whatever he promises now. You'll risk deseases. You will have no problems in the world to find yourself a good and honest husband. Tiger is a liar and he always will be.


"Just a matter of time before some side action that Tiger is doing, up and does a Steve McNair on his half-black ass. Once the divorce is inked and settled, I give Tiger two years tops before some ho puts a bullet in him. Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine."


The children aren't old enough to know a "normal" holiday. It is just taking that long for her to get her personal items packed. The baby boy might not even have a passport yet, so she might be waiting on one. She has kicked his sorry self to the curb, so they won't be spending a "normal" holiday together.


His daddy may have called him "Tiger" but from now on I won't be able to stop thinking of him as "Cheetah" Woods.

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