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Cori Rist, woman #5 or #6 (who even knows anymore) on the long-ass list of Tiger Woods mistresses, is breaking her silence about her fling with the golfer.

On the Today show Monday, she confirmed that she met Woods at a New York club in 2006 when his trainer invited Cori and friends to join Tiger for a drink.

“He was not afraid to show his affectionate side in front of everybody that was there,” said Rist. “He was very affectionate, and he led me by the hand.”

“Then we just kind of disappeared, and that was the start.”

While she said she knew he was married (unlike Jaimee Grubbs‘ BS story), Rist said Tiger Woods always told her his marriage to Elin Nordegren was rocky.

“He was not happy at home with his wife,” said Rist, a single mom. “He would stay because she was pregnant, and they were expecting their first child.”

“Because of his reputation and image, he had to uphold that.”

Cori Rist describes her “secret life” with Tiger Woods.

Rist, who’s speaking out to make money off of her 15 minutes of fame refute “false gossip” about her, thought she was the only “other woman” in Woods’ life.

But she recalled how in the middle of the night, he would wake up and start texting. Cori Rist said she now believes he was communicating with other women.

Still, she said Woods – who used a group of associates and friends to “plan” his extramarital affairs – kept pursing her until she ultimately turned him down.

“We had an argument over how I don’t make enough time for him, and that was it,” she said, adding that she feels sorry for Elin, Tiger’s scorned spouse.

“I am just sorry for her pain. I hate that I’m a part of it,” she said. “I have to take responsibility … to look my son in the face and explain all this.”

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