Elin Woods to Jaimee Grubbs: You Know Who This is!

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In the voicemail from Tiger Woods she received and sold to Us Weekly, Jaimee Grubbs was asked to change her greeting because Tiger's wife might call her.

Looks like that ended up happening, all right.

Elin Woods Nude

On November 24, Tiger left a message for Jaimee, asking her to get her name off of her outgoing message after his suspicious wife went through his phone.

On cue, Elin Nordegren placed an angry call to Grubbs, the second in what has become a series of Tiger's alleged affairs, confronting her about the romance.

Here's how sources say it all went down:

Last week, Grubbs bragged to co-workers at the Stone Rose Lounge in W. Hollywood, where she works, claiming she was having an affair with Tiger Woods.

Friday, the day of Tiger's crash, Jaimee Grubbs went to work, but later in the evening, said she received a call from a blocked number, which she answered.

Jaimee then asked who was on the line. The caller, a woman, did not identify herself but said, "You know who this is because you're f**king my husband."

Well, that would sum it up.

As for why Tiger was hitting that, one has to wonder ... why leave a voicemail? Or send text messages? And has he not seen Elin Woods pictues? Or the real thing?


Woods was linked to Grubbs, who has provided the hardest evidence of an affair to date, after being linked to Rachel Uchitel but before Kalika Moquin.


Jamie Grubbs, Rachel Uchitel, and whomever else...you are ALL just as sleazy and dirty as Tiger. You bunch of B-otches, smelly, crusty, slime, pieces of s-it!!! You are all poor excuses of what real women are. You are all rats who belong in the gutter! Men..take a good look at these women and stay away. Just a warning as they definitely are carrying some serious deadly STDs. Yuk..throw up, gag..you all make us sick!! SLUTS!


HEAR HEAR jule and jsmith_66 ! - wack him in the face! nice..
and youre right... - Tiger, you suck.. pfffffff....


I sanded for what Tiger did, I really liked him :( we are all human so we should forgive but why would you marry someone if you can't be faithful to them. I'm also hurt for what he did to his beautiful wife. Get help Elin and build yourself up. Show the world that there are good women not cheap ones like the ones who work in clubs, bars etc. This society is the way it is because of the weak women we have. My heart goes out to you. May god bless you and your children and may he guide you into finding the inner strength to rebuild yourself. God Bless you. :)


The whore saved all that stuff to do what she just did to Tiger because she knew that she was only a piece of tail. Trash is what she is !! Bad enough that you messed with a married man you had to sell the stuff to the press and confirm that you are a true hooker. So, lets get this right .. Not only can't you keep your legs shut but , you can't keep your mouth shut neither !!! How could you do that to a repeat customer?? You get what you pay.. Who cares that you have sexy messages big deal !! You got played by a player .. Lol !! Don't you think you have done enough damage ? His wife knows and so does the entire U.S. that he is a low down piece of crap that can't think with the right body part. Crawl back into your hole or go work @ the Bunny Ranch.. His family has suffered enough . I feel no pity for Tiger !!! I feel for his wife and family. May God be with them as they try to forgive him and move on with life. Shame on both of you !!!


It seems as if TIGER is a racist on top of an adulterer since ALL of his affairs have been with White women, as if his wife. Is THAT racist or what?


Okay, okay everybody calm down. So he cheated! Statictically, most people cheat, especially men. The only difference in this case is that he is famous and rich. I bet 99% of rich, famous men cheat! Don't act like you are shocked and amazed! Everybody who is hooked on this story better check your own spouse's cell phone. Over 50% of them will have numbers of people they cheated with too.
No, it's not right or moral, it's just the facts. It has nothing to do with whether his wife is beautiful or not. Even love has nothing to do with it. Its not about love, its about power. And we "the public" give celebreties and sports stars power by idolizing them. Nobody is perfect! Can we all just move on now and let Tiger and Elin settle their own score??


OMG, who cares, he's human. He saw a BEAUTIFUL woman and strayed. Yes it's sad but it happens every day. Look around! Also Elin looks pretty homely. He was probably looking for the exotic Latin look. Please stop saying Jaimee can't hold a candle to Elin. Jaimee is a very pretty young woman. Elin....IDK..


First of all, he cheated with a skank from "Tool Academy"? Are you kidding me? The people on that show, all of them together probably didn't have an IQ of 70. They were the most idiotic jerk offs I've seen on reality TV in a long time. To go so low, Tiger. That is a true shame. Another thing, his endorsements won't dry up forever. Look at Kobe, at first he lost some advertising jobs but he is getting them back. The public forgets everything. I mean, look at what they're doing with Gitmo and bringing the terrorists BACK to NY to be tried. Did our gov't and obama forget that the victim's families are still grieving and this surely isn't going to help them?
Stupidity is running rampant in America today. God help us all.


I get a chuckle when these sports wives get all righteously idignant when some other hussie moves in on their man. The only significant difference between Elin and Jaimee that I can see is that Elin happened to get to Tiger 1st. If I were Elin I'd take heart that it is obvious Tiger is no pro at the infidelity game to allow himself to be put into a trick bag by this gal, Jaimee. Oh... and Elin isn't really any hotter than the other chicks, and those other chicks probably had mad skills.


Gross!! Tiger cheated with that?! Elin Woods is a beautiful woman, he is def. screwed, hope she leaves him! That gross Grubb's girl claimed she didn't get into playboy because they said her boobs was small, and she got a boob job and still didn't get in... hello?! Playboy welcomes all naturals as well, look in the magazine and you will see some with small boobs, it's because you weren't good enough for playboy!

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