Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: It's (Not Really) Baby Time!

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie must have moved past the whole suicide attempt thing pretty quick, because Baby No. 7 is totally on its way.

Life & Style says so. You know it's true.

According to the celebrity gossip magazine, Angie playfully grabbed at Brad's tux, gazed at him lovingly and ran her fingers through his hair in public recently.

That's when you knew something was up.

These two aren't usually into PDA, but what onlookers were witnessing at the UNICEF ball December 10 in L.A. was the happiness of a couple trying for baby No. 7.

And what joy that baby will bring them ...

Baby No. 7 is on its way ... at some point, in the future.

Of course, at no point does this article say, despite the misleading headline, that Brad Pitt got Angelina Jolie pregnant. Just that she wants another baby ... sometime.

"Angelina decided about four months ago that she really wanted to try to get pregnant again," an insider said. "She basically told Brad that if it happens, it happens."

Shocking developments right there. Wonder if this was a response to Jennifer Aniston's baby news. Given the bitter feud between the two actresses, probably.

"She isn't going to concern herself with birth control and Brad was okay with it. Angie's most at peace when a baby is coming," the Jolie source made up said.

Congratulations to the couple ... we guess!


hope anyone who knows Goodwill Ambassador Angelina to tell her that a woman from Palestine in order to try to send a message because it needs to help you but do not know how to please :
I hope anyone who knows Goodwill Ambassador Angelina to tell her that a woman from Palestine in order to try to send a message because it needs to help you but do not know how to please


Brad and Angelina will never split up….Good on them….They are very much in love and great Humanitarians…They both know the true meaning to committment to themselves and to their children.They do so much good for poverty stricken nations…We should all be ashamed of ourselves for allowing these “Split Up� rumours to continue. I believe strongly that Angelina is a very selfless, compasionate, one who shows sympathy and empathy to the poverty stricken human beings in the world. She is also not one to brag or disclose her humanitarian efforts to help out wherever and whenever she can. God knows the “good� that she does and that’s enough….I pray that God keeps them both strong and always loving to each other, and to continue the good that they are doing all around the world. Shame on those who are jealous and spiteful and make up disgusting rumours about this wonderful couple…God Bless you both Brad and Angelina.


i hope prad pitt and julie ill be happy forever ,i love you all,


very well said Lita. My thoughts exactly.


Angie a good roll model for teens come on sucide atemps sleeping with other woman wearing viles of billy bob thorton blood around her neck OMG YOU ARE CRAZY


Angelina golie and Brad Pitt's baby making factory or addopting them is the best advertising idea they ever had, making them the top superstars of all time. The other celebrities ar following their footsteps. I bet she's another " mommy dearest" like Betty Davis treated her children. Where on earth would Angelina or Britt find time to spend with all thier kids and be in every premier and act? As long as people are buying their baby story, they will keep thoes babies coming.


Brangelina -long rich, always comfortable and now pushing 50
could change history in a flash by outting the cross the boards
sellout and suckup by their industry to the direct heirs of
the most awesomely genocidal monsters in all history
---across the Pacific. 70 million murdered in 'peacetime' ---unoutted and unanswered
for. 70 million you will never --EVER be hearing so much as a
quality allusion to in ANY Brangelina, or Hollywood film. Brad can make all the high-profile Third World gestures
he likes ---it will NOT change the fact that he and
everyone else in Hollywood are covering for genocide.
FACT Ahhh! ---but anything for those vast market favors
--eh Brad? ANYTHING---


erin, you can not say that most angelina fans like incest and child abuse, because it's obviously the same person over and over again, you even said it yourself so shut your dumb mouth. and whoever is posting as the angelina fan, you need to cut it out, and stop trying to pick fights just because someone doesn't believe the same way you do, you have too much time on your hands, get a hobby. leave angie alone, she may have been saying things about angelina, but you were also talking mad shit about jennifer anistion. angie, you obviously are doing a lot of good things in your life and for other people, but you also discredited yourself by saying so many bad things about angelina, you were really messed up, and that wasn't necessary. also, some of us do support our troops, i know i do, good luck to your boyfriend overseas angie. much love to brad, and their family. we're rooting for you.


the majority of angelina fans seem to love incest and support child abuse. eva you should change your ways now before it is too late and you begin to lose your sanity. jen-fans support the troops and don't mock their family. BTW, actors and other people don't donate money because brad and angelina donate, they do it because they want to help people. in case you didn't know, people have been donating money even before they were together.


i can also tell it's the same person over and over, because you just keep using the same words and phrases that i tell you to try to insult me when you write back, so when you write again lita/jakie/tamara/ person who uses the name "to angie", you should try to do something new. not everyone is going to agree with you, stop putting down people who have their own independent thoughts, that aren't just like yours

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