Hilarious Tabloid Cover of the Week: A Baby For Jennifer Aniston ... with Brad Pitt's Help!

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Wow. Either Star didn't feel the Tiger Woods drama was that big a deal, or this Jennifer Aniston gossip was just too good not to make its lead story.

Despite the biggest sex scandal in a long time - and possibly the biggest in the history of sports - actually happening, Star went a different route.

Kevin and Jayden James Federline

Well, a different route from other celeb gossip tabloids.

It's not exactly a story that hasn't been told before ... almost every single week by Star and its ilk. OMG! The lonely girl is finally having a baby:

It's a baby at last for Jennifer Aniston! Note: No it's not.

According to this ridiculous cover, Jennifer Aniston is, at long last, having a baby. Brad Pitt apparently "helped" in this endeavor. Whatever that means.

Leaf through the pages and you can read all about their "secret arrangement," though. Not sure how secret it can be, considering they reunite every week.

Perhaps because it doesn't explicitly say that Brad got Jennifer Aniston pregnant (for once), Brad's helping by donating one of his 29 kids to his ex-wife.

How "he convinced Angie" we can't say. But rest assured, Star can. Their novelists have been working on this one for a good couple of months now.


Brad and Angie actually do have contact with these tabloids. She actually just gave OK mag an interview. So don't act like they are complete saints that don't care about the media. The tabloids turned out to be right when they were saying these two were together during the making of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Yes, 90% of the time the tabloid stories aren't true but you can't act like you know everything about them either.


Why are you trying to make sense out of the FACT the Tabloid LIED! Brad is NOT helping this loser, whiny woman do ANYTHING! They HAVE NO CONTACT with each other.
The STAR prints LIES! NOTHING they write about is true! You cannot believe ANYTHING they say. Especially when it comes to Brad and Angelina. Don't you remember what In touch said. "We make up stories based on the pictures we look at!" The Star magazine DOES NOT have any sources reporting to them from Brad and Angelina's camp. The JPs have NO friends, personal or othrwise who would talk to this sleazy magazine or any other sleazy magazine about ANYTHING the Jolie-Pitt family does. When the Star quotes "sources" they are quoting from their own MADE UP sources that they pulled out of their own butts. Just like US Lies Weekly does! Stop reading and STOP believing and trying to understand made up lies written in the tabloids! It is as simple as that. And above all DO NOT REPEAT THEM as though they were FACT!


is getting deeper and deeper.
That tranny is still having her daily male hormones fix. It firstly hit her womb which is barren and totally f*cked up now, then it hit the c**ch which grew a micro p**n, then the neck became massively thick, the hands became mannish and now the voice is becoming more and more deep chanleging the one of a man
She should quit already before turning hulk-ish a la Madonna and scaring all he potential males.


Wow, it might help to get the facts straight before posting. To Star: the magazine never said he got her pregnant. It does however state that while she is looking to adopt a baby, she did ask Brad for advice on the adoption process as he has been through it a few times before


Whoever put this article out should be fired for not thinking up something more beliveable. That woman will never be pregnant and Pitt has moved on 6 years ago. Stop beating a dead horse already.


good for her!


So, according to Ian Halperin, author of the Brangelina bio, Brad and Angie fight all the time. But apparently they took a break to help Jennifer Aniston have a baby. They are true humanitarians.


Take it as Christmas- wish for all Brennifer's fans, congratulation Jen !

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