Amy Winehouse Charged with Assault (Again)

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Amy Winehouse was formally charged with assault earlier today in connection with the recent brouhaha she started at a local theater. Anyone surprised?

The 26-going-on-56-year-old soul diva was arrested after she turned herself in at a police station with her lawyer, a Thames Valley Police official said.

She was charged with a public order offense and common assault under the name Amy Civil, following her Saturday melee at Milton Keynes Theater.

Winehouse was granted a divorce from her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, in July, and is therefore not technically named Amy Civil ... if she ever was.

Anyway ...

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One never knows what to expect from this nut job.

She is free on bail and must appear in court on January 20. Police did not provide details on the incident, but British media have had a field day with it.

The Sun reported that the singer allegedly heckled the cast, struggled with a member of the staff, bled on some actors and attacked the manager.

Winehouse is no stranger to roughhousing. She acquitted earlier this year of assaulting a fan who asked for a picture (aptly-named Sherene Flash).

A judge said he could not be sure if she lashed out at the woman deliberately, though police said Amy Winehouse was drunk when she punched her.

Who's next? We'll find out soon enough.


Of course Chick; you're part of the problem, not the solution!


she has exceptional talent!! who cares if she becomes involved with that assault? she is still my IDOL! go Amy!!


honestly She looks better than before! But she is really stupid, she has ruined her life!!! she is really crazy


I have to ask why a woman of that age would be going to a pantomime anyway? And oh, the irony.. she was in court under her married name "Amy Civil" and she's anything but.. Personally, we just tend to ignore her now - she may have had some talent once but now she's just a burnt-out has-been. @Jillian .. lunatic asylum she's already in one: that's what Britain's become now!


When was it the Grammy Awards went all ape shit over her - 2008? What the hell were they thinking?


The inevitable result of 'Girl Power!' Power without responsibility or accountability - 'because you're worth it.' And when things go wrong - why the poor dears have been misled by some man!


One word: sociopath.
See Amy's picture when you look up the definition.


Amy is one dumb biatch. Don't the Brits still have a lunatic colony somewhere that they can ship her to?


Does she ever look in the mirror?
If I looked like that I would stay drunk 24/7 also.


ew she is butt NASTY!!!!!!!!!!


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