Adam Lambert Pushes for Song on Eclipse Soundtrack

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A few months ago, Adam Lambert said he'd love to be included on the New Moon soundtrack.

Alas, that never materialized - but there's still a chance the Twilight Saga universe will collide with the wildly popular singer next summer.

In an interview with MTV, Lambert cited a song ("Suburban Decay") that didn't make it onto his debut album. He said he hopes the single is eventually released and performed.

"It's a great song and I hope to perform it someday, and I think it will find a home, on a soundtrack or something... maybe Twilight. It just didn't quite fit [on the CD]. It's very theatrical... It's very campy, and it was just a bit too campy for the album as a big picture."

Too campy?!? We'd never thought we'd hear those words uttered by Adam Lambert.

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If Lambert truly combined with Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and the Eclipse cast, numerous heads might explode and lungs get destroyed by constant, loud screaming.

But it's a pairing we'd love to see. How about you?

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I like listening to Adam Lamberts music,and yes I am a guy,I think Adam's voice is great I don't like twilight but that would be a great oppurtunity for him to be even more popular!(not that he isn't!)


hell no,please it hurts my ears hearing him
sorry but i can't stand his singing.


At michael. do u thuink u will ever have a chance? As a matter of fact he has ganered so mmuch fame that he is going to appear on Oprah before the Idol winner Kris Allen.


NO THANKS - can't stand him! He will ruin everything "Twilight".
He had his chance and blew it.


I am a huge fan of his music. However, the twilight folks should look at Adam as a potential Vampire. He would make the hottest vampire ever! What a great way for Adam to make his acting debut. And think of the movie ticket sales quaddrupling!!!


it will be nice if adam will get the break from twilight. he is talented and whatever he sings works. i love his debut album for your entertainment.


Stevie: Check out youtube... Adam Lambert "Mad World," Adam Lambert and Noa Dori, "The Prayer, and "Adam Lambert "Come Home," from the Upright Cafe. Then come back and tell us Adam Lambert can't sing. And... you might want to check out Broken Open from his album, which Adam co-wrote. He did not write For Your Entertainment. Plus, Adam Lambert has the gorgeous edge. Clay Aiken? Uh, no.


The fan sites of Twilight are screaming a very loud NO. This won't happen.


Um no thanks. Watched this dude on the AMAs...not impressed. He's great at singing other people's songs but his song was not good nor was his terrible screaming. He has musical theater allllll over him. Just waiting for the Clay Aiken move and then whatever musical it is I'm first in line!


Heck yes I would love to hear Adam Lambert on a Twillight Soundtrack. If Adam Lambert joined the promotion of Twillight it would take over the freaking planet. Heck then it could do a calendar the hottest men of Twillight. They would be insane not to get Adam Lambert to do it.

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