Adam Lambert to Be Featured on the New Moon Soundtrack?

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You might wanna drink some tea with honey, young readers. You're gonna need to preserve those vocal chords if the following rumor comes true.

Following talk that Adam Lambert would contribute a song to the New Moon soundtrack, E! News asked the crooner about the possibility.

His answer was simple, yet revealing - and exciting!

"That's just another rumor. That would be really cool. I should [do it]."

Ummm, yeah you should! Does anyone know the phone numer of the New Moon music supervisor?

Can fans handle Adam Lambert and Robert Pattinson in the same movie? We may soon find out!

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I read on a different webiste that he IS recording, but not for a record and NOT for New Moon. It might be for a soundtrack. Here's the link:


Please, work on your verbal definitions. Adam Lambert is a countertenor, not a crooner. If he were a crooner, his voice would more than likely be in the baritone range, a tenor at its highest. With your inability to get your words right, I'd hate it if you gave me directions. I'd probably end up on the wrong coast.


Hey I would LOVE Adam to sing for New would make my year to hear my baby in a film...especially an epic one like this! Thank you so much for everything Adam...
You're my Angel of music!


NO TO ADAM!! He is yucky and his voice is horrible. Gross. That would ruin the soundtrack


that would be awesome!!! can't wait for the soundtrack!


I dont rlly like him hes 2 wierd 4 me which distracts me from his singing which i dont thnk is thth unbelievable either


NO! It would ruin the movie! If they do I will cry! He brain washes you all... He SCREACHES! He is way bad so PLEASE no. NO! NO! NO! NO!


No I don't think he should because it would be so bad and I can not stand his voice.


I would love that !! I hope it's true ..


Adam is my Edward Cullen!!! He WOULD make me RACE out to theatres to see New Moon and buy the soundtrack for sure!!!! Adam is so sexy and would be totally fitting to sing and to be featured in the film!!! I believe he would cause many Adamgasms for Twilight fans!!!!! Adam Lambert rocks!!!

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