ABC Axes Adam Lambert... Again!

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Seriously, ABC?!?

For the second time in as many weeks, the network has pulled the plug on an Adam Lambert appearance.

First, the singer was scheduled to appear on Good Morning America the day after his controversial American Music Awards performance. In a movie that reeked of homophobia and a double standard, Lambert was axed from the show.

Instead, he performed a perfectly clean routine on Today and has gone on to admit his AMA act "went too far."

Case closed, right? Not for ABC.

We Love Lambert

Lambert's was scheduled to put on an outdoor concert on the December 17 installment of Jimmy Kimmel Live! - but an an ABC spokesperson confirmed today:

“We decided not to move forward with the booking at this time."

No reason was given for the cancelation, but the gig had been booked prior to the AMAs. Lambert will now perform on The Jay Leno Show on December 21.

By the way: woman-beating Chris Brown will still appear on 20/20 next week. That show airs on ABC.


i thought sex sells?
i hate ppl that hate gays/lezbiens/bi
there the same ppl and you make them
stay in the closet when they have
a right to get out and be the same person
they are now.and instead of judging him by
his Sexual Orientation. they should be
judging him by the way he sings and his talents.
and its sad i grew up with a judgmental family and
im the only one that doesnt care if your black handicap
asian white or homosexual and even dike. i love ppl
that are different. cuz im the only one in the family that
is different and i love hanging out with different ppl
and if i ever met adam lambert i would probably get a heart
attack at a young age. i just love him and his voice and
his personality and that he doesnt care what ppl are saying
about him. keep rocking adam! your going far!


No more ABC for me anymore....I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!! His CD is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What gets me is how ABC is trying to act all proper and pristine and yet we are talking about the home of the show "Desperate Housewives." Yeeeah, that's classy programming right there. (That's about a step away from a brothel, no?) This is all a moot point for me anyway; I'd take CBS or NBC over them any day. Let ABC fade away. (ABC= Already Been Cancelled in my book.)


I agreed, what about Janet grabbing crotch, Rihanna comming out with all thoses guns, Eimmen singing about rape, etc.... The AMA's was a very adult show this year. Everything on tv now days, even soap operas on showing alot. So, parents you need to monitor what your children watch. Go Adam!!! I will not be watching Dick Clark this year or Jimmy Kimmel (did not watch his show anyway). Go Jay Leno and Ellen!!!!!! I am a not gay. People need to get over it. I believe that is why Adam did not win AI. Chris won AI because he is a good church going boy, nothing against Chris. People need to quit judging!!!!!!!!!!


This is the same network that without batting an eye plays the Captain Morgan 'sausage fest' (slang for gay bar) commercial in the afternoon during college football games when kids are watching for sure... yet they're punishing Lambert for a performance which occurred about 10:55pm, when kids should already be in bed.


Thank God for ABC! They finally have the guts to put a stop to all this garbage people think is appropriate TV this guy is a total jerk trying to shove his gayness on everyone, I'm getting sick and tired of turning on the TV and seeing this crap. Live and let live but I don't want to see it, but idiots like Lambert are way over the top.


This is sad...Adam Lambert and ALL of the nasties should be censored from the eyes of minors and shouldn't be put up in the faces of people who would normally like and watch the shows. We are not talking about 2 men kissing...rather one man pushing another's head into his crotch to simulate oral sex...and would someone please tell me where the musical entertainment is when Michael or Janet Jackson - or anyone else grab their crotch????What is the significance? P U K E


Get THIS!!! While Abc shows on late night cancel Adam Lambert his rendition of Mad World plays most every day in part on the ABC Soap General Hospital. It hightens the suspense and mystery on the present story line. How degenerate is that to use this artist to enhamce one show and get ratings during SWEEPS month and in another case cancel him. I cry FOUL ABC!!!


adam will be on the view on the tenth.still would of nice to seen him in the outdoor concert on jimmy kimmel.we still need to convince abc to put him back on kimmel. and nye rock n roll.will be awesome to see adam ring in the new year! rock on adam .you have tons of fans backing u up.fye is awesome! everyone support adam and buy his album. you wont be dissapointed!


ABC telephone number is 212 456 7777
call and protest
my goal is to get thousands to call and protest
if the network is worried about sponsors, they're going to be even more worried about losing viewers
i am telling them i am boycotting the network
end of story


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