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Before she was Tiger Woods’ mistress, Jaimee Grubbs and Aaron Kinard were going out. Now he’s selling her out to Radar Online in an awesome interview!

According to Aaron, Jaimee Grubbs has a history of chasing pro athletes, tried to get pics into Playboy, was into girl-on-girl action and even has a sex tape.

“As soon as Jaimee found out I was a race car driver, she followed me to my car and then came home with me and we had sex,” Kinnard said of Jaimee.

They began a romance starting in 2005 that lasted six months, and during that torrid time they made a sex tape and he took nude pics of the Grubbster.

Here’s Aaron Kinard with Tiger’s future mistress

Even Tiger Woods is likely wondering what he saw in Jaimee Grubbs.

Kinard won’t be sharing those Jaimee Grubbs pictures or tapes, but dishes that Grubbs “tried to get in Playboy but they said her breasts were too small.”

He added: “She got implants but never got in the magazine.”


Kinnrd also said that Jaimee was not faithful to him, cheating on him in a lesbian encounter with a woman she met in Vegas and his best male friend.

“Jaimee was aggressive and was looking to get into show business,” Kinard said, addding that couple hasn’t spoken since their relationship ended.

It was Tiger’s voicemail to Jaimee that provided the strongest evidence of his alleged affairs that have shocked the celebrity gossip world this week.

Let’s hope Woods wasn’t dumb enough to film himself doing the deed with her. We doubt he was … but honestly at this point all bets are off.