Good Morning America Says Goodbye to Adam Lambert

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Adam Lambert may not be sorry for his American Music Awards performance, but he's paying a small price for it this week.

The singer had been scheduled to appear on ABC's Good Morning America tomorrow, but the show has canceled Lambert's performance, citing his lewd Sunday night spectacle in its statement:

“Given his controversial American Music Awards performance, we were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning.”

Fans can still catch the American Idol runner-up before the sun rises tomorrow, though: CBS' Early Show is happy to have Lambert sing for its audience.

Silver Suited

Adam Lambert has been bumped off Good Morning America: Fair or unfair?

Said Lambert of ABC's decision: "I don't feel like I owe anyone an apology. I did something female performers have been doing for years. All of a sudden a guy does it, and it's crazy. I do think there's a slight double standard."

We agree. Did Adam cross the line at the AMAs? Yes. Any artist that shoves the face of a back-up dancer into his/her crotch is taking his/her act to an unnecessarily lewd level.

But it's hard not to wonder: if Lady GaGa did the same thing with a female band member, would she have been axed from a morning show?


Lady Gaga is talented. It's just she doesn't have the beauty of Beyonce so she turns to gimmicks. Adam Lambert's music sounded good. Kris Allen won American Idol, he should have been the one singing..serves ABC right..all the negative calls..I could have done without Emimem and seen Kris Allen instead!!


Well, the pictures you showed may not be easily forgotten..but his act's just now people know whether they like him, hate him, or are oblivious to it. It wasn't like the show was completely moral..there was Janet Jackson with those God awful trousers grabbing her crotch..grabbing a dancers crotch, Carrie Underwood with her whory looking back up dancers, Lady Gaga with her legs open at the piano, and Germaine?? Jackson thanking Allah..and how was Adam Lambert so shocking????


His performance was amazing. Britney Spears and Madonna have been doing performances like that for years, the only reason it's a problem now is because he is male and gay. Plain and simple. Everyone is throwing around hateful words towards him, and saying that he's an attention hungry artist. Does no one remember the infamous "Madonna, Britney kiss"?! Which, by the way, had no repercussions. The double standard is quite clear here. If you're going to show one kiss between two women, then why blur out the kiss of two men? You can't have it both ways ABC, either you support the artists for who they are, as well as the LGBT community, or you don't.


Adam Lambert has ended his career before it starts with the type of performance he gave. It was lewd and inappropriate. The Gay community should be embarassed.


Adam Lambert should disassociate himself from TV forever. He is making too many excuses as to why he performed such lewed actactions on stage. He's certainly not sorry!! He can still have a successful career by working out of Las Vegas or any stage show that requires purchasing a ticket. And if people like and encourage his performance, they too can purchase a ticket.
Good Bye Adam..


Who cares?zzzzzz


unbelievable how nasty ppl are toward another human being. I'm embarrassed to be an American. These ppl spewing lewd hateful comments toward Adam are disgusting themselves.


I never thought Adam would turn out to be SO CREEPY. But I should have known by the behavior of Glamberts in general! An Idol is known by the "quality" of fans he draws!


The AMA performance wasn't simply over the top. I didn't care for the dance routine from the get-go - not at all what I had envisioned for the song. Too much activity, and not enough actual dancing. Also, I couldn't hear the band nearly as well on this fine song, which deserves another debut. It's incredible on the CD, along with the vocals. However, ABC should not have cancelled the GMA concert. They could have threatened consequences if things got too wild. Adam performed very well on the Early show and Letterman. Thanks, CBS, for allowing this Wild Child newcomer another chance to show what he can really do. Crusaders, hope you won't make things harder for Lambert in your quest for equality. He needs to move forward now.


The only reason this is a big deal is because of homophobia and a double standard. His fans are still supporting him and pre-ordering his record. He has a great voice and will continue to evolve into a fabulous rock star. There are enough opened minded people in this country so his career will be fine.


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