William Shatner Reads Levi Johnston Tweets on Tonight Show; Lawyer Denies Page is His

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Most things sound better when master thespian William Shatner recites it over soothing, melodic percussion. Levi Johnston's Twitter page (real or fake) is no exception.

Levi is furious over a skit on last night's Tonight Show in which Levi came off looking like a moronic, racially insensitive pothead ... by virtue of his own Twitter page.

His alleged Twitter page, anyway. The attorney for the future Playgirl centerfold is claiming that the outrageous Tweets Conan O'Brien attributed to Levi are fake.

Conan introduced the skit referencing Shatner's reciting of Sarah Palin's inane farewell speech over the summer, and saying who better than to read Levi's Tweets?

"All real ... we did not make these up," Conan added.

Among the Tweets read poetry-style by Shatner: "Anybody know where I can get some good weed?" "Is it true that fat kids never get kidnapped?" "Whats the deal with the taxi drivers not speaking English, is there a law against it?"

And: "You know you're a celebrity when strangers want to see your penis. LM ... AO."

His lawyer, Rex Butler, is not LMAO. HeĀ  is demanding a retraction from NBC, as well as from Twitter, saying that "I think they have an obligation once something like this happens to make some kind of corrective measure."

NBC has yet to comment. Here's the hilarious video in question ...


I thought Levi's were something you wear, not something that talks like a pothead.


Ureach, I'm with you! Did you see the roast of Shatner! Funny as hell!


so so sooo gay!


I think Levi's fifteen minutes are up, get the HOOK!


Haha! Levi ought to get used to the kind of attention he's getting these days, he put himself up to it by going on national tv slandering sarah palin any chance he gets, and it ALWAYS comes back to him. Levi shouldn't be complaining, he wants attention and its whats he's getting.


This is the funniest frickin thing. I can't even look at Shatner without laughing after the first couple. I wonder if Conan was serious when he said these were real tweets, or if he was kidding


Bill does fabulous poetry readings on Conan. The one he did on Sarah Palin's nonsensical babblings was a riot too. Seems he has lots of fertile ground to plow in Alaskan 'celebs' alone!


That's hillarious, whether he tweeted them or not. Probably did though


what a gay! nuff said!!1


Levi is a douchebag...no doubt, they cannot deny that fact...

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