T.H. Gossip Presents: The Biggest Turkeys of 2009

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Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Hollywood Gossip!

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    u know i think of him being the biggest turkey.... an omg i sure wouldnt want to place that on my table... he deserted 8 kids... 8 KIDS, forget about his wife .... but 8 KIDS. That dont make him a jerk nothing will.... those kids are kids, HIS CHILDREN... who can any man do something like that.... and using he was a father by 27 sucks....


    Jon is finally a winner! Couldn't agree more. He had it all, then had a hissy & threw it all away! What a stupid LOSER! If there is a list of the biggest idiots he should be #one on that too!


    What list is Kate "the manic, manipulative, control freak" Gosselin on?

    It's kind of odd that for the first four years the show was on the only criticism directed at him was for not having a spine to stand up to his harpy shrew of a wife.

    Then when he finally does it...everyone calls him a d-bag.

    Personally, I think he deserves our gratitude because he was ultimately the one that got the show off the air so we won't have to hear about them so much.

    Spencer Pratt belongs in d-bag hall of fame.

    Carrie Prejean should have been #1 on this list - lying "do as I say, not as I do" self-serving, hypocritical skank.


    mileys right zac efron is the hottest person in the world


    Ditto. Michael Lohan is the worst!


    yea the hollywood gossip is so immature they forgot that michael lohan is the biggest fucked up loser!!!!! thg are childish freaks! they could just go to hell! cuz when they say something good about miley they bring up something bad! freaking ASS HOLES!


    agree 100%. But ya missed the biggest f***ked up one of all times at this point!!! AND DON'T WE ALL KNOW WHO THAT IS!!!!!


    Replace Miley with Michael Low-ham and I agree with your list!


    Why Michael Lohan not on this list?


    hahahahahahahahaha. that bitch miley. look at that pic of her she could open her legs a lil wider. she wants a dick in there. she sure is puttin out. my mate went a concert of hers. she was being really rude n kissin her teeth when asked 4 a autograph. fukin bitch

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