Rihanna on Chris Brown: He Was My First Love

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Nine months after she was assaulted by then-boyfriend Chris Brown, Rihanna is finally breaking her silence about the infamous night that left her bruised and bloodied.

What made the incident hardest on Rihanna was the fact that Brown had held such a special place in her heart: "He was definitely my first big love," the star admits.

That's gotta hurt, Negus Sealy.

In the interview with Diane Sawyer, airing on Good Morning America Thursday and 20/20 Friday, she warns, "This can happen to me, it can happen to anyone."


Rihanna opens up to Diane Sawyer about Chris Brown.

Both singers have worked to move on since that awful night, with Brown serving his community labor sentence in Virginia and working on his new album, Graffiti.

That record drops December 15. Rihanna is shaking things up her fourth album, Rated R, on November 23. Her latest single, "Wait Your Turn" debuted Monday.

What else will she have to say about her lover-turned-attacker when the full interview airs later in the week? We'll have the latest for you as soon as we know.


tht motherfucker!! hw d hell could he beat her?? has he got no sense of his own..?? he should've bloody behaved like a friggin human being n nt an animal.. hw dare he beat her like tht?? utter disgrace n shame on all of yu in support of him! clearly shows yur upbringing n mentality..!!


I agree with you LinPin 100%. All you other people are just haters. HATERS.


ii hayt rihanna. ! she looks like a fuckinq retardd. she iis all punk now. wowss. ii am happy chris beayt the shiyt oyt of herr.. iiloveechrisbrezzy. ! anyonee goyt a problem holaa ayt meh. ! nd shee looks mad UGLY widf thayt hair stylee. cHRIS can geyt a better woman. ! nd rihanaa mabee deserve the beaytdown she goyt. fuck herr. ! nd hopee chriss for geyt her causee he dnt need a hoee like herr. !! ND BY thee wayt iytss called freedom of speech . ! so rememberr yhu have a problem witdf ma comment holaa at meh. !!!


iya yeh chris brown is so fit mawah xxx


I notice a lot of african-american women love to trash rihanna and are of the opinion that she doesn't 'deserve' chris brown. Is it because she's foreign? Really, you need to get over yourselves.


Ya'll need to give the girl a break. She can take however long she wants to heal and talk about her situation. She owes the public no obligation. What if you all were in her position would you want people to be talking such rubbish about you? I think not so shut up. Rihanna you are a beautiful soul and barbados Jamaica and the entire Caribbean has your back and we will be supporting you and buying your album...the singles are great I am loving the wait is ova.....in jamaican language it sell ooooooffffffff!!!!!!!!!!... BIG UP RIRI!!! u r a STAR!!!!!!!!!


Like OMG! its time she get over him.


@ LinPin (nice name *rolls eyes*) STFU!!!! I said I DO NOT CONDONE men beating women, but she played her part in the incident just as much as he did. Read the whole damn story before you start preaching around ON THE INTERNET, freaking retard. Everyone has their own opinion and has the right to it, this is America after all. But since you have never heard Rihanna "sing" before I'm gonna assume you live under a rock. Run along now.


When I went to comments I somehow KNEW that almost everyone would be trashing Rihanna . . . and making 'poor' Chris Brown out to be the abused party. I applaud her for speaking publicly, someone that teenaged girls look up to - yes, sad that it has to be a celebrity, but that's life in America - HAS to tell them that it is NOT OKAY for a man to hit a woman. Never. No how - no way. I don't care what she said or what she did - even if she hit him first, he should have gone to a telephone and called the police, not beat the living crap out of her. I can't figure out the mind-set of those of you who condone this kind of behavior in anyone. I guess that's the real ghetto coming out in you (for KayKay). I never heard her sing, but it wouldn't matter if she cleaned floors for a living - it's just Not Okay. Call a battered women's shelter and take a tour (if they'll let you) - maybe that will open your eyes.


hmm i wonder if they would ever get back together
but come on whats going on with rihannas hair!!

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