Rihanna on Good Morning America: Eff Love!

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In Rihanna's much-anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America this morning, we saw a poised, beautiful girl talking about a painful subject.


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    I think nemubr 5-going to a museum is a great tip that I hadn't heard before. Maybe you can bring up a conversation about sex in the car ride home, so your kid can't escape and has to listen


    CRAK UP!!


    Michael: I am a black female. I find your comment insulting. Who cares about the 2 black girls in your daughters class? Thats no reason to make blatant generalizations about a whole race. JEEZ! I am of the African American community of which U speak, and was raised to know domestic violence is unacceptable. Being from south-western Virginia(white & black Americans ONLY), I was in high school seeing WHITE girls come to school with bruises & I'd see the WHITE guy grabbing her in the hallway. Now what, its only UK African American or US Caucasion women? Plus R they still African American if theyre in the UK? Wouldnt they be African UK?


    keish: I was hit by my ex, I didnt hit him first. Bcuz you R violent doesnt mean all 20 year olds females are. U sound rediculous & cold 2 me...no sympathy for her.

    nosipho: Simply cuz you're N a relationship with someone & not married gives them the right to put you at risk 4 disease? STUPID! I WILL read my boyfriends text. I want to know who it is Im giving myself to.

    CONDOMS DONT PROTECT AGAINST ALL DISEASES-Genital Herpes, Genital Warts, Crabs



    As the former wife of 80's pop star Stevie Woods, I believed each incident would be the last, but in reality, the violence only escalated through time. A victimizer will abuse every woman he's with. Love is a hard addiction to break, but you must end it before it ends your life.
    -Cheri Woods


    She looked grateful for the time it took over chris hits she now she back I'm glad for she looked all grown up now and alot of wisdon she have now and wise beyond her years...you Rihanna go lady....


    Ok uou little idiots time for a lesson, let's see if you can follow: she could not speak out much before the plea bargin, that is a given, it happens everyday, secondly, she has an album coming out and instead of having every reporter continue to ask about the incident, instead of the album that she would be promoting, it makes good sense to give 1 big interview and answer all of the questions, so that when she hits the promotion circuit there will be no questions about the incident. You people are sick, its so easy to monday morning Quarterback. She said that she was mad, and she said that she would not let it go, how many of us do that? Does that mean that you should be beaten to a pulp? Unreal. I pray that you, your mother, sister, aunt or daughter never has to face something like this. Remember Karma tends to be a b****. I know with your ignorant mentality you probably won't get it. Its almost a waste of time. Maybe I can get to 1.


    I was in her place, and yeah went back to the man but a 2 week hospital stay and the life of my son allowed me to be strong enough that even when I was in bed with my mother at my side and he took things he shouldn't have I knew I had my and my sons life.
    She's done the best thing for women of all ages.


    Rihanna was badly beaten, Chris Brown was unmarked. There was no mitigation raised by the defence in the court case in relation to her striking any first blows. That was tabloid gossip. It even extended to my daughters school in the UK. Oh yes, and speculation that she'd given him a std which appeared on various websites. Scarcely any of the girls excused Rihanna in my daughter's class apart from 2 Black girls who had grown up with violent fathers and thought men beating women for burning toast/reading text messages/being a bit annoying was normal. The fact that there are posters here who think it's ok to half strangle a woman because she's read your text message...well..I guess you're part of the problem, the problem being that there are massive levels of denial about domestic violence in the African American community.


    I think its hard for her to speak out and the people that are critiquing her are the judgemental people that have been lucky enough to have never had to go through something like this.

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