Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal: Not Broken Up!

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Contrary to reports that surfaced elsewhere this weekend, Sunday, Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have not broken up. Phew! We knew it wasn't true!

Her rep said late yesterday: "It's not true. They have not split."

The actress met Gyllenhaal while filming 2007's Rendition, and the pair stepped out together shortly thereafter, confirming their relationship in summer 2008.

In the April 2009 issue of Elle, the Oscar-winning mother of two and ex-wife of Ryan Phillippe gushed about Jake: "He's fabulous. He really is a fantastic guy."

Couples come and go, but Gyllenspoon remains intact.

Reese divorced Ryan in 2007 after eight years together; they have two children: Ava, 10, and Deacon, 6. Gyllenhaal's previous girlfriend was Kirsten Dunst.

Witherspoon told Parade magazine last year, "Things change ... But your ability to love, that remains intact. Oh, I have a lot of hope for love! I do!"

Glad to hear that hope springs eternal. Or at least right now. Just don't read anything about David and Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff, guys. Just don't.


he is the most wonderful man that i ever slept in my life never can be gay


I'm Jake's fan and following this fauxmance with Reese Witherspoon from the very beggining - Jake Gyllenhaal is gay, I'm sure about it.


Isn't Jake gay? Anyone who reads Ted Casablanca's blog knows him to be "toothy tile". Go read it and see for yourself. I gotta tell you, those blind vices get you thinking =] ♥


Jake can keep scratching his beard I suppose.. Know anything about this? Only relevance is that hes bearding too alot say. "Reported by Denver Peak-Regional Airport traffic control moments ago, a small private aircraft in distress ceased radio contact with the control tower and fell below radar frequency after reporting engine trouble and smoke in the cockpit. Actor, Jared Padalecki was believed to have been a passenger on the flight. Additional information and details will be reported here as this story develops. "


Their fauxmance contract isn't up? Are you sure?

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