Marisa Miller Supports Our Troops, Harley-Davidsons

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Harley-Davidson USA is saluting our fine men and women in uniform.

We'll join them in that endeavor, and praise their advertising methods.

A Sultry Dance

What better way to do so than enlist Marisa Miller to help pay tribute to “those who keep us riding free” in a promotional ad to support the troops.

Tell us this isn't one of the sexiest Marisa Miller pictures you've seen:

Marisa Miller is hot. Marisa Miller on a Harley in uniform? Really hot!

Additional free downloads, posters and postcards featuring fellow rider and USO Ambassador Marisa are available on the Harley-Davidson website.


Damn, Marisa Miller is super hot here, she does everything for me, and now I wanna buy a damn harley, that bike in particular, this whole campaign is mad stylish.


she helps of course. on those lonely nights... tsk tsk


The picture has a good appeal for men I guess, she does nothing for me but the bike is nice.


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