Kristen Stewart: Celebrity Sucks!

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On one hand, it's refreshing for Kristen Stewart to shun fame.

How often do we make fun of attention-starved celebs, such as Tila Tequila and the Kardashians, that would do anything for attention?

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On the other hand, it would be nice if the Twilight Saga star lightened up a bit. In a recent interview with BlackBook magazine, Kristen's critique of her status almost came across as insulting to fans.

"Nothing about being a celebrity is desirable," Stewart said. "I'm an actor. It's bizarre to me that everybody's so obsessive."

We agree. But Kristen knew what she was getting into when she signed on as Bella Swan. She's in danger of biting the hand that feeds her when she complains in such a manner.

It should come as no surprise that Stewart didn't touch on her rumored relationship with Robert Pattinson in the interview, though she did bring up his character of Edward Cullen.

"Edward is actually a really good parallel to fame," she said. "As a vampire, he has a sad, desolate life - fame is the same."

Jeez. Take a chill pill, girl! You're free to leave the entertainment business at any point, but remember how you feel about fame the next time you stay in a five-star hotel or take home a closet of free, expensive clothing.

Life could be worse.


that is exactly a result of lack of education. Did she even finished high school? She needs that to enhance her wisdom and various skills if she has any what a shame i feel sorry for her. When she gets old she would be lucky to cast on a commercial for anti-emetic, anti diarrhoeal or constipation drugs where her acting would be ideal.


Kristin Stewart is the worst actress - no depth, no emotion and I'm sorry what's with all the broken speech..."I'll remind you ..sigh puff, every day Jake" It's painful to watch her in this movie! Frankly, all her movies..she's can't act. If the studios have to keep her as Bella, they should invest in acting lessons for the kid.


What's the purpose of being an actress in hollywood if u don't want to be famous and be watched???


i wish she would just shut the fuk up, if she dosen't want to be a celebrity than why the fuk did she become an actor, i mean seriously has she not noticed that all actors get followed i think she really does like the attention but dosent want to seem like a stuck up actor, instead shes coming off as a bitch. Instead of saying shes blessed to have people want to watch her and thinks shes good at what she does she says we should leave her alone. Well then ms. stewart you should get a normal office job or something.


I get what she keeps saying about the lack of privacy and the fact that she has next to no life because of everyone harassing her but I'm also sick of her bitching.


she has the right kind of attitude, im sick of seeing all these squeeky clean teens, its nice to see something different.


i admire her so much :D


i think she is just telling the truth nothing rong there. its not bcuz she is ungreatful to her fans its because she cannot walk out onto the streeet without someone asking her about something to do with twilight. her lfe isnt evolved around twilight. have you noticed that she didnt say anything when she was in other movies? and she wouldnt have sed these stuff about fame even if she was a huge popular star in hollywood. she only sed it because people wont leave her alone about 'robsten or other stuff'


Well maybe she is a bit too full of herself, I mean she IS famous and all but what else did she expect when she began acting.And true no one will remember her in two years.


Not everyone is obsessive, Kristin. Some of us barely know who you are, and couldn't care less. How about directing your comments towards the person most responsible for your nauseating over-exposure: your own agent!


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