Joanna Krupa: Playboy Pictures are Empowering!

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It's just so hard at first, but then something clicked and I slowly started getting into it.

Above, Joanna Krupa is talking about her current run on Dancing with the Stars; but she might as well be referred to penises across the country when guys pick up the December 2009 issue of Playboy.

The Polish model poses naked for the magazine next month, the second time she's bared it all in Hugh Hefner's publication.

Speaking to TV Guide this week, Krupa said she hopes viewers of Dancing with the Stars don't think worse of her for donning her birthday suit. She said:

"The photos are so artistic and it's part of my background. I did Playboy before and for the people who support me and follow my career and see me on the show, I would hope it wouldn't change their views on me because it doesn't change who I am as a person."

Moreover, Krupa isn't exactly the only female to dance with stars and get nude for readers.

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Krupa, Joanna

Overall, the beauty believes that making men drool over her naked body is empowering.

"Women should never feel like they can't do something. In a way, it's a man's world," she said, adding:

"Men get paid more than women for the same type of work, so this is empowering. It's saying, 'You're a woman, be strong. Don't hold back, don't be scared. Do whatever you want to do. If you have something to say, say it.' I think we should show women can rule."

Of course, when women can say and do what they want while actually wearing clothing, they'll truly have made progress in the world.


Its a given that Joanna Krupa is hot. But she is even more attractive to me when I see she still is a humble person. I was rooting for her during the Dancing with the Stars program. But since she said she would support Kelly Osbourne since they are friends, I will root for Kelly Osbourne now. I like the fact that Joanna is good with people and not stuck up.


I agree with Tony and Mo. Joanna Krupa has mostly modeled for non-porn things so what's the big deal if she models for Playboy? Lets face it, beautiful woman who know how to market themselves in anything, become very attractive to us men. Its no coincidence that most successful female singers, actors, etc. got their chance at success by just us guys staring at them in mass and then saying to ourselves afterwards......."oh yeh they also are good singers and actors" LOL We men are just can't help being attracted to hot babes. That's our weakness lol


It all depends on your morale bounderies. Ask yourself if you would want your mother, daughter or sister to pose nude for money? That woul dget your morale compus going. Joanne is very attractive and made a living out of posing, now she is bearing it all... no problem.


Playboy is not art. It's not even a good pornagraphic magazine. Basically it is 5 pages of naked women, 10 pages of pointless articles (that nobody cares to read) and 50 pages of advertisements.


Yeah. Playboy is "artistic". That's why guys buy it, you know, because it's so artistic. You don't think guys buy it because the pages are filled with virtual prostitutes, right? Heh heh. Keep lying to yourselves, ladies!


If you're confident enough with yourself to actually pose nude than hell ya I say why not. I really don't think there is anything wrong with it. And it's not whoring yourself out when you're not performing sexual acts. We'll all just agree to disagree here


She totally contradicts herself. She says it's empowering but if it weren't for horny guys, she would be no where as far as the magazine goes. JL, so basically have no respect for your body, just put it out there for the world to see and line your pockets. That's honorable. I'd like to see these "business women" do something productive/meaningful/smart. That would be more empowering. By posing in this "artistic" fashion(lol) she's actually lowering her standards. To me it says, I can't find real work so I'll take the easy way to make money by relying on the MAN to make it. Does she really truly think that by posing, people are buying this magazine and admiring her artisticness and her business sense?? Ha, I really doubt it.


Let's be real here. The money is empowering. Posing nude is more or less whoring yourself out.


Honestly if you're comfortable enough to pose nude than more power to you. Who cares, whatever makes you bank honey and I agree women can rule


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