Hailey Glassman, Michael Lohan Subpoenaed By TLC

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As we reported last month, Jon Gosselin is the subject of a lawsuit filed by his employer, TLC, accusing him of breaching the terms of his contract.

Among the witnesses subpoenaed to testify, according to new court papers: Jon's post-Kate girlfriend Hailey Glassman and his friend Michael Lohan.

Maryland's Circuit Court of Montgomery County has granted motions filed by the network's lawyers to depose Glassman and Lindsay Lohan's dad.

Also served: Jon's lawyer Mark Heller, manager Michael Heller, bodyguard Thomas Meinelt and talent rep (apparently he has one) Matthew Kirschner.

TLC suspended shooting Jon's reality show last month.

The Mack Daddy

Hailey Glassman and Michael Lohan will testify in TLC's court fight with Jon.

In October, TLC sued Jon Gosselin for breach of contract, accusing the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star of making paid and unpaid TV appearances without consent.

This followed Jon suing to stop the filming of the show.

Lohan publicly stated at one point that he and Gosselin were working on a reality show together about divorced dads, which TLC says violates his contract.

At the time, Mark Heller called the action "baseless" and said the network "exploited and manipulated the Gosselins' vulnerability and financial hardship."

Gosselin, of course, is in the middle of another legal matter – his divorce from Kate, and more relationship drama with Hailey, who split with him last week.


really i wish jon would just go away, the world would be better if he'd just shut up


Their "financial hardship"?? What a line of cr*p. All these people involved are spending money like drunken gazillionaires. Poor manipulated innocents (cough, cough). If they had real money issues, they'd be living more frugally and stashing away the profits against the time when their celebrity train runs out of steam. Please God let it be today.


Drama, drama when is it going to end especially with him. He is such a selfish man and what his lawyer's says is debatable, they knew exactly what they were getting into when they did this. Manipulated, please I don't believe that for a second.


I hope this doesn't effect the children's financial holdings....I bet he settles with an agreement to allow them to shoot the show, without him, as planned.....

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