Demi Moore Photoshop Controversy: Very Unhip

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Everyone knows magazines extensively airbrush the stars on their covers to make them look appealing as possible (well, except any Newsweek Sarah Palin cover, they leave those alone because they're so sexist, according to her).

Usually, celebs appreciate a little touchup and there is no photoshop controversy. But imagine Demi Moore getting her first look at the latest (December) cover of W and finding that a huge chunk of her hip has been digitally removed?

NOT SO HIP: Demi Moore, Photoshopped on the cover of W.

If you look at the left hip (your right) of the self-proclaimed puma, it seems that what used to be skin is now a great deal of white space. Ouch!

Magazine covers go through such an exhaustive process of approvals, so it's puzzling that this one made it to press with a mistake so obvious.

One can only guess what else they put in - or took out here.

Think we're seeing things? Check out this enlarged view ...


Oh my some people obviously have issues with there have you not seen demi moore on the red carpet? Ummm they cant photoshop that live...People need to get a life and worry about your own lives...damn


WOW...Did all of you look in the mirrow and get pissed off before you wrote your comments? Demi Moore is 47 yrs old and absolutely GORGEOUS!!! ANYONE who throws off on such devine beauty is full of envy. Age is just a number and there are plenty of women in their 50's that can put a 25 yr old woman to shame. Demi has always been a gorgeous woman and at 47 she stunnig!


Demi Moore should just STFU and realize that she's a HAS BEEN in the industry. She should be THANKFUL that any magazine still wants her on their cover, and also appreciative that they edited all of the UGLY out of her. Sheesh!


i agree with phizzyb - it was obvious to me that she's posing with a hip to one side a little.. and that causes the other thigh to have a little curve 'in'. how stupid to not know the female form does this!!!!
btw wrinkles and a skin tone etc are severely photoshopped


Why do you guys care? Whether someone airbrushed it or not it doesn't hurt you any. It isn't only women over 50 or 40 or 30, the younger girls are being airbrushed too. We are all going to be 30, 40, and 50, you can only dream you look as good as she does when you are that age. My guess is that you who talk bad about her will only wish you look as good as she does at 50 when you are 30.


There is a whole generation now of over 50 year old women who can't face aging. It HAPPENS TO EVERYONE! You idiots! So don't be so stupid as to believe that what you see is real. The best photos that appear periodically in the supermarket rags are the ones of today's aging actresses/whatever without the airbrushing. The drooping butts, sagging boobs, hanging skin (even on the emaciated) etc. Can't stop it - get over it and try to show a little grace and class (not going to happen, unfortunately).


that entire photo has been edited to death!
when i first saw that a week or so ago i didn't even know it was demi moore...i thought it was some new young model- that is how little it looks like her!!! what is she? 50 years old now??? The face barely resembles demi moore, the wrinkles you can normally see in her face are completely airbrushed away, her body looks as if every inch has been corrected by a computer...It is really pathetic that an old lady like her thinks the public will believe a LIE like this one....especially when she tries to claim she has had no plastic surgery!!! LOL


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