Demi Moore: I'm a Puma!

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Many older women would take the label of "cougar" as a compliment.

But Demi Moore is not your typical older woman.

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The 47-year old is an established film star, with an adorable younger husband. How does she feel about the term "cougar," which many have thrown at her following her marriage to Ashton Kutcher?

“I’m certainly not the first person to be in a relationship with a younger man, but somehow I was plucked out as a bit of a poster girl," she tells the latest issue of W. "I don’t know why that is."

What would she prefer to be called? Puma, Moore says.

Meanwhile, Demi is also a major fan of Twitter. She says it's helped her transform her image.

“People are much more interested in what I have to say directly, and that really changed the whole dynamic I have with fans... I can’t impress enough the difference in how people are perceiving me. They’re getting to see who I am.”

And that person is hot! Forget Carrie Prejean. When will we see a Demi Moore sex tape?


The most annoying couple in Hollywood [next to Tom Cruise and his misses]


she's old and should embrace her loss of youth, instead she marries a much younger man child in at attempt to cling on to her belief that she's still young - she hasn't made a good movie in quite some time, too busy doing Ashton - and this cover is just horrible - the good people at Adobe, makers of Photoshop, should be asking for royalties


Re: the Photoshopping, notice that her (left) hip and the rest of her leg don't even match up!


Wow! She's been photo-shopped like you wouldn't believe!!! lmao


She's hot but her husband has to be the most annoying d-bag in Hollywood.


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