Brooke Hundley Interview Confirms Nut Job Status of Steve Phillips' Mistress

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Brooke Hundley, the former ESPN employee whose affair with Steve Phillips got them both fired last month, gave an interview today to Good Morning America.

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    Steve Phillips is owning up to his affair with Brooke Hundley. He also says he's been treated for a sex addiction.

    Brooke Hundley Fired By ESPN Too

    Brooke Hundley has been cut loose the same day as Steve Phillips was fired by ESPN. Their sordid affair over the summer left the network no choice.

    Steve Phillips Fired Over Brooke Hundley Affair

    Steve Phillips has been fired by ESPN over his affair with Brooke Hundley, a 22-year-old production assistant with the network who went on to go insane.

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    Brooke Hundley, ESPN analyst Steve Phillips' lover, filed a restraining order against him one day after dropping off that letter to his wife Marni.

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    Michael, perfect!I agree. I'd be furious if somebody called me that!


    Hellion, I laughed out loud when I read your comment! Hilarious! I needed the laugh badly, too! Thank you!


    "c word" ? = conservative? - what a horrible name to be called ;-)


    OMG in high school I always thought she looked like Danny DeVito as the Penguin from Batman, glad to see I'm not the only one who sees it.


    Steve has the nerve to say he fears for his family yet HE'S the one who chose to fool around, yeah that makes sense?
    She's all sad and vicitmized, yet she had the CHOICE to NOT mess around with a married guy and now she's all hurt?? Come on. Her breaking point was when Jay Leno made fun of her yet she didn't feel bad being involved with a married guy?? That should have been her breaking point.


    Why, why would anyone give HER airtime?? What is wrong with media today??


    She does look like Devito...haha!


    Steve needs years and years of rehab to overcome the disease that causes a man to throw away his family for one of the most revolting girls I have ever seen on TV. WOW! What is wrong with him. A horrible judge of talent when he was with the Mets and the streak continues when it come to women. His wife is pretty though....I don't get it.


    She tries to look like a victim, but saw an opportunity to get a piece of limelight. She works in television, she knows what makes good tv. This whole thing looks contrived, I don't want to say poor Steve, but he should have hired a prostitute. Actually maybe I am sorry, she is so nasty. I've had strong gusts of wind turn me on more than her.


    I agree.Contacting his children and then leaving a nasty note at his house was way over the line. If she was looking only for help and not being vindictive she wouldn't have written the things that she did. How would scaring his son or making lewd comments about Phillip's anatomy help her? Saying that she's only 22 doesn't cut it. There are 18yr olds serving in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. She is a college graduate grown up woman who had a hissy when the affair didn't go the way she envisioned. The guy doesn't leave his wife 99% of the time and she knew that he was married from the jump. Woman Up Brooke,stop whining,take responsibility for your own bad choices.

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