Australia Still Not Over the Whole Britney Spears Lip-Syncing Thing

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As we reported last week, Britney Spears brought the Circus tour down under, but has not received the welcome she expected ... or would have expected, if she had any clue where she was at the moment or what people were saying about her.

Fans have been complaining about the quality of her performance, even walking out of her concert in Perth, according to reports in the Australian media.

The cause? Disgruntled concertgoers apparently aren't thrilled what you would think would be the obvious realization that Britney Spears lip-syncs live.

That, and she gives "a lackluster performance overall," according to one paper, who went on to say that the sexy American songstress was just "boring."

Spears' promoter refuted claims of fans fleeing the Circus, telling The Australian newspaper "Britney is aware of all this and she's extremely upset by it."

We're just impressed she even knows she's in Australia.

Where the Heck Am I Right Now?

Britney Spears' Circus tour has met its share of Australian critics.

Also issuing a carefully-worded response were reps for the venue where the Perth show was held: "From [our] perspective, the event was a huge success."

Not sure how well that response will go over with one woman who told The Australian, "What a waste of $200. I could have got four pairs of shoes for that."

To which The Hollywood Gossip would reply: 1. That sucks, but 2. This is a surprise? Go see Britney Spears live if you want, but how do you expect better?

Spears' manager, Adam Leber, came to her defense, claiming that it was the work of just one Australian journalist that sparked this whole lip-synch debate.

"It's unfortunate that one journalist didn't enjoy the show," he said. "Fortunately the other 18,272 fans in attendance did." Well, 18,271. Shoe lady didn't.

Perhaps the best comment on the story came from none other than a certain douchebag also in Australia promoting his album, who posted on his Twitter:

"If you're shocked that Britney was lip-syncing at her concert and want your money back, life may continue to be hard for you." LOL. So true, John Mayer.


I don't know why anybody bashes people for lip syncing live. It's @#$%ing hard to sing live and dance. Michael Jackson almost never sang live and he was one of the greatest performers of all time - whether or not you sing live does not affect the performance.


her concert was f***** AMAZING!!! SPECTACULAR!!! I BET EVERY AUSTRALIAN LOVED IT INCLUDING ME HERE IN ADELAIDE!. we just have some dickhead reporters here that make up alot off bullshit!!. its people that have been a fan of her for soooo many years that dont care what she does as long as they hear her music an see her peforme live!!! it was one of the best nights EVER!!!


I saw Britney last week in Melbourne & ofcourse we know she is going to mime but what was really disappointing was her lack of interaction with the crowd. This was her first tour here and people shelled out a lot of money and she can barely acknowledge her fans...thats pretty poor considering world class performers like beyonce and pearl jam fully appreciate their fans.


I went to the concert in Perth and am a HUGE Britney fan. I knew the whole time she lip synced, but just wanted to see her. However I was very disappointed when we didn't even get so much of a "Hi Perth/Australia". She walked onto stage started dancing and lip syncing, then would go back under the stage for a ten minute costume change between every song! She didn't talk to the audience...she probably didn't even know where she was. She didn't introduce any songs..nothing! This was disappointing considering in the last couple of months we have had Pink and beyonce- who both dance as much as she does if not better and they sing live. It wasn't about the lip syncing, it was the whole performance. I had a good night out and didn't complain to any media and was stoked to see her in the flesh. but was very unimpressed by her performance.


Well,well lipsyn, should have been at Greensboro,NC. She lost her bra, I guess she lip-syn her way to the top. If she was still stuck in home town,lucy-anna beside the river,mother to be with FED -x at the door step? Would or could U say something worth while of a mother trying to be a role model in a unforgiven world, in other word "What are U doing on the WALL"??????? LOL Babe......................................... TWG/TLC/27/CAnow


Quite frankly, I always wondered how you could dance so energetically and sing at the same I understand that you may have to lip synch. These young people are not just singers...they are entertainers, so, I feel that if you want to hear people sing - go out and buy their CD otherwise just enjoy their concerts for the pure entertainment value - lip synch or no lip synch. Britney is a lovely young girl who has come along way to sing, dance & entertain us and I thank her for that. PS I'm from Australia


hi britney am martin from malta ..yeah nice britney u are in the world ... no body can canillinge u for songs and beati u have ...bye britney... love for ever


woop we love her so get over it :L


I am from Australia and went to britneys concert in melbourne last night i only paid $99 for the ickets annd was sooo happy i thought the show was fantastic even if she did lip synch. she also sang a couple of songs live. The stage was great it was a 360 degree stage but she did great to make sure everyone could see her running from one end to another. In the 2 hours she did not take a break only for costume changes which the longest would of been 3 mins.I loved it all... I am so sick of hearing the stories that she sucked get your facts straight and listen to the people who actually went to the show. from the 1000's that went to the show you will always find someone who wants to get their face on telly and have a bitch. Get your shit together Aussies we wonder why no one want to come play out here when we treat them the way we have treated her. Hopefully Britney knows how many people enjoyed her show.


yes imagine, really nice one


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