ABC: Cool with Woman Beating, Down on Men Kissing

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We can't wait to hear ABC explain this one:

The network booted Adam Lambert off Good Morning America this week after he kissed a guy on stage at the American Music Awards.

However, the show is scheduled to air an interview and possible performance by Chris Brown next week, someone convicted of felony assault for beating on Rihanna.

“The network is giving a mixed message,” a source at ABC source told The New York Post. "It doesn’t trust someone who shocked with an unpredictable show and a gay kiss, but then it is happy to go ahead with Chris Brown, who was convicted of felony assault.”

Red Carpet Lambert

That will especially be true if the show features a performance by Brown. It's one thing to interview him and perhaps shed light on the serious issue of domestic abuse.

But if Brown actually performs songs from his new album, ABC will be giving a convicted woman beater a platform with which to make money and promote his music.

Said another insider at the network:

“Chris Brown’s interview was booked way before Adam Lambert took to the stage. It is to give him a chance to respond to Rihanna’s interview. The possibility of him performing a song will be worked out next week.”

It's unclear why Brown should have a chance to respond to anything. Didn't he forfeit that right when he left his girlfriend a bloody, beaten mess?


they dont care when its one of us kissing a women or saying fag but then they do something and omg you are all hipocrates and i wish death on hollywood infidels call me a terrist i dont give a fuck


Oh I see ABC. Your reasoning is because “Chris Brown’s interview was booked way before Adam Lambert took to the stage" that it should go on as scheduled. Is it unheard of to cancel guests after they've been booked? What about Adam who was also booked to perform but then whose performance was CANCELLED?


Sheba, go look at congress! There are plenty of criminals! Ted Kennedy killed a woman and got elected over and over! Go look at sports there are plenty of law breakers! Please, Chris is paying for his crime. Now, Adam is paying for taking things to far! The difference is Adam will not have a record, people will forget depending on if Adam can leave parents alone! While Chris will have this forever. This is like comparing apples to oranges, you can't! Stupid to even try! Adams was wrong! Instead of apologizing he blamed parents! Why, because their children wanted to stay up late and watch a "special show"! Plenty of parents forever have allowed their children to! Some as an award for good grades, behavior and etc. ADAM WAS WRONG!!!!! Bringing Chris into the mix doesn't change a thing. That is call deflecting or trying to from the original action of the night which was Adam not Chris.


Adam took things too far with that crotch thing! Please Adam just go away. Chris has and is paying his dues! Senators and ball players have done worse without as much heat that Chris has and is getting. YES, Chris was wrong! Can't change it however he is paying for the crime, serving his time, and taking his classes and speaking out against domestic violence. Looks like Tiger Wood's wife needs to be charged! Also, Rihanna for earlier incidents in their Chris and Rihanna's relationship. Adam is a thrill seeker who doesn't respect anything or anyone but himself. When he made it what did he do? Dumped his lover! Adam is all about Adam.


ABC made a big mistake ancelling Adam. He should have been aloud to perform. He got caried away B/C of the lyric He is very theatrical and did what actor d BEST!! so some got offened since e is a gay guy. YOU WULD HVE LOVED IT IF SHAKRA or any HOT femaledid it. You are HOMOPHOBICS> CHRIS is a CRIMINAL are you blind? I am disgasted b your choice and will avoid your ABC for as ng as I can. YOU OWE ADAM LAMBER a seriouse apology


Does anyone remember Madonna's videos EROTICA and HUMAN NATURE? Although I dislike explicit sex music videos by whomever, I still feel that all these critics of Adam Lambert are hypocrites.


Both are SCUM DOUCEBAGS and SUCK! ABC should be ASHAMED!! BOYCOTTING ABC!! NOT watching anymore!


My problem and disappointment with Adam Lambert has nothing to do with him kissing a man. I couldn't care less who he kisses. I was offended by him sticking a dancers face in his crotch and reaching above himself and putting his hand in the woman's crotch and keeping it there. His ego has exploded, and it saddens me to see him relying on cheap shock tactics to have people talking about him. He's already a has-been.


Again they are down with minors on a stripper pole as well. They would never ban Miley- sad....


by the way, I was not referencing abortion...just giving a random example.

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