The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest Returns!

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The Hollywood Gossip is pleased to announce the return of its Caption Contest, where readers try to write the funniest caption for the photo below!

The rules are simple. Look at the celebrity photo below. Click comments and send in your caption(s). Have fun. Tomorrow, we'll announce a winner.

Nadya and Kid

It's that easy, and we have a feeling you have lots of material to work with here. Leave as many captions as you want and be as harsh as you like!

Give it your best shot(s) for picture of Octomom Nadya Suleman...

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Mom... is THAT the store the good fairies give you clothes from? Bebe or Nordstrom's?


Look MOM! why can't i ware shoes like that kid over there?


Mom, look, it's John Gosselin! If you and John Gosselin marry, will Dr. Kamrava give us some new siblings?


LOOK! Mom, It's Jon Gosselin. Can he be my new Daddy?


Pocahonoctomom hits the Park


Octo-toddler Caleb: "All I really know is that when the cameras are around, mommy actually takes care of us."


Hey, Mommy. If reality TV shows are exploitative, then how come those cameras are always following us? Do you mean it when you call us your little ATM's?


Mommy - you go sit in time out, over there! And just think about what you've done. And bring back my real mommy, er, I mean Nanny! She's the one who always takes care of me when the cameras aren't around anyway.


Mommy! Look! It's Angelina Jolie. The tabloids say she's pregnant with twins. So you are going to try for ten babies this time?