Taylor Swift Poses with Jew-Hating, Swastika Lover

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We already know that Taylor Swift likes Taylor Lautner a whole lot.

But we really hope she doesn't feel the same way about Nazis.

The 19-year old singer was photographed at Katy Perry's birthday party last week, with her arm some hateful loser wearing a Swastika-covered t-shirt.

We're gonna give Swift a pass here and assume she had no idea the guy to her left was donning the symbol of such hate, evil and genocide. But she might wanna be careful about who she poses alongside of in the future.

Taylor Swift, Swastika

[Photo: PacificCoastNewsonline.com]

Said Swift's rep to TMZ, who first posted the photo:

"Taylor took pictures with about 100 people that night... she doesn't know who this guy is and she didn't realize what was on his shirt."

Fair enough, T-Swizzle. Just stick to photos with Lautner and we'll love you forever.

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Read the Talmud people, it clearly states that gentiles are cattle and Jews are SUPERIOR: hmmm who does that remind us of? the "six million Jews" reference appeared in at least ten newspaper article between 1915 - 1938, what were they PSYCHIC? Most of the Jews died from TYPHUS EPIDEMICS. Most of the rest died from STARVATION and lack of medical care resulting from ALLIED boycotting and ALLIED bombing raids against food and medicine supply lines. The German war AGAINST TYPHUS was the real reason for shaving heads, fumigating buildings, and cremating corpses. The problem is that Jews restrict peoples basic right to free speech. The truth is always just what ever they say it is and that leads to conflict. During Weimar Germany, organized Jewry would lobby intensely to silence and lock people up just for uttering the word Jew or Zionist the wrong way. The truth is just what ever they say it is. Within five minutes, any intelligent, open-minded person can be convinced that the Holocaust gassings of World War II are a profitable hoax, hence holohoax. The Holohoax gave the Jews Israel; 9/11 gave them the world.


There's no way I'm giving her the benefit if the doubt, with the letters JH on her dress. Hmmm...I wonder what that stands for. Clearly she's mad cause Jake dumped her and she is too full if herself to humble herself and forgive.


I found this thogurh Mike Barthel's tumblr, and I don't have anything too interesting to say other than, this is really great! And I hope you keep writing stuff!


dean berry, i'm jewish from israel. where did you get this information? i learned bit of the "talmud" last year at school and i have never heard anything about hating someone because he isn't jewish. more than that, in the bible there are many stories that teach us that it's much more important to be a good person (kind, respectful, generous) than pray to god. i don't know, i have never read the whole talmud and i have never heard about it, if it's right, most of the jews in the world don't act or think like that anyway..


The nazis had nothing on the "Jews". Read their "holy book", the talmud, sometime. They have nothing but scorn for non-"jews". That's 99% of the world! If you're not a "jew", they consider you subhuman and believe you were put on this earth to be used by them. That's why they're currently pillaging the American goyim (human cattle) via the Fed and the IRS. That's why they had no problem engineering 9/11 then lying about it to con Americans into taking over the Middle East for them. Like I said, read the talmud.


The boy in the photo is my friend. He is NOT a jew-hater OR a nazi, he is a Buddhist. The symbol was representative of the religion long before it was used by the nazis in the 2nd world war. Before you write idiotic and biased blog entries maybe you should get your facts straight.


the swastika was a worldwide symbol of all that is good, even a jewish symbol before it was a nazi one, learn something about your own heritage before you denounce your own symbols like an idiot based off of your own prejudice like some sort of hateful clown.


This is so stupid. I'm Jewish, and I couldn't care less about his shirt. People painted shit on each other that night, and you don't even know if it was him that painted it. Kinda hard to do that yourself. WHO KNOWS what it was about. There are so many other swastikas, even ancient ones represented in JUDAISM. So relax.


uuugh I wish she was a female of colour so that people can stop feeling sorry for her. I don't wish the worst for her but, 1 idiot (k.w.) acted stupid to her (1 person, now) and he is still paying the price. People still are upset over what he did to her, even I'm still disgusted. But no...she is a white innocent looking young girl and she is off limits to the real world. "ANY" girl of colour would've been branded an under aged drunk who is insensitive to a WHOLE race of people. Look at Rhianna, she got beat up but they are riding her because she was a victim who is not acting like one. Point and Case.


I am jewish and that offends me...a lot... I don't care if he meant it as a joke or not the fact that even one person found it offensive means it was wrong and stupid! I have grandparents who have suffered through that sign and lived through the terrible things people wearing that same sign have done and that is NOT something to joke about, no matter what kind of party it is. And if he meant it then thats quite a way to show your dislike for people. I don't care what kind of symbol he was trying to send--the fact that he had a swastika that represents my ancestors being killed is enough. This is unjustifiable and hurtful and he has offended a lot of people. I truly think she didn't know and would never have done it. That boy has now offended millions of people and he should be upset with himself at the very least. These kinds of people are the reason that hatred still exists. That is a shame.