Source: Lindsay Lohan is an "Obituary Waiting to Happen"

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Lindsay Lohan once got into a car accident because she was high on cocaine.

She also went a long time without wearing underwear, flashing anyone that looked in her direction.

Still, according to a new report, the troubled actress has not hit rock bottom... until now!

During her recent trip to Paris for a fashion show, Star magazine claims Lohan collapsed while partying. The tabloid cites her reliance on vodka, cocaine and prescription pills as a dangerous habit, and quotes an anonymous friend as saying:

“She’s a wreck, a mess, a disaster. She an obituary waiting to happen.”

Rock Bottom?

Lohan has entered rehab three times, and been arrested twice for DUI. Still, she can't stop drinking and going out, sources say.

An insider says Lindsay "was crushed" by harsh reviews for her Emanuel Ungaro clothing line. Afterward, she attended a party hosted by photographer Mario Testino and, as a source relays:

“Her eyes were red and puffy, and at one point she started shouting and tearing up. Her friends had to get her out of there before things got any worse.”

Added a supposed friend, who cited Lindsay's faltering career and the end of her relationship with Samantha Ronson: “She’s definitely hit rock bottom. The next level is six feet under.”

Note to Dina Lohan: we'll leave your daughter alone, if you agree to stop referring to her as a "genius." Start acting like a mother, acknowledge her issues and get her help. Deal?


Lindsey we all love you and we just want you to get better. you are one of the most favorite role models to these kids today. So please start acting like it for their sakes. The devil wants your soul baby but dont give in to him. Just give it to GOD he will work it all out. I LOVE YOU LINDSEY


she needs better people in her life and a "vacation" in some secret rehab somewhere far away for at least 3 months


if the person who gave the quotes were her friend they wouldn't be talking to a tabloid


c'mon lindsay...!! we luff yhu but we wan u to change first
......u're big fanz r waitin for u outside


She's in a pretty bad state but I wouldn't go as far as an 'obituary waiting to happen'. Why do celebs only go into rehab for like a week? They have enough money, they should go for at least a couple of months i think.


if like, according to her 'mother' lindsay was a genius, she would know that taking all the drugs and alchol in the world doesnt acutally make u a better person, or smarter!


Linsday needs to get her act together! seriously linds!


I love the note to Dina Lohan at the end of this artical THG!! :)


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