Soulja Boy Denies Rumors He Owes Money By Flaunting Obscene Wealth on Twitter

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Soulja Boy is either a freaking moron or he has a death wish.

In what could quite possibly be the dumbest move of all time, which is saying a lot for a rich star, the rapper wants to set the record straight: He is rich.

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So much so, he keeps tens of thousands of dollars in cash in a shoe box at home. He made this abundantly clear with this video. So there, all U h8rs!

Ranting and posting like a madman on Twitter, he takes issue with celeb gossip reports that his landlord accused him of owing $10,000 in unpaid bills.

Dude was already robbed last December. Funny how that works. Whatever the reason, though, Soulja Boy feels the need to Tell Em off in this way.

Soulja Boy is as smart as the spelling of his name would indicate.

Arrogant prick that he is, SB whips out wad after wad of $100 bills while one of his friends says: "wow .... wow ... wow." Yup, his friends are complete a$$holes too.

He also Twittered: "For every blog site who posted that bullsh*t, F**K YOU."

Then followed it with: "I know all you lame ass haters is Thirsty to see my downfall. But keep fucking dreaming go find another rapper to hate cuz I GOT THIS SH*T"

Hopefully, he uses one of those wads of $100s on a state-of-the-art security system, because we're guessing he's going to need it. Way to keep a low profile, idiot.

What would supposed Soulja Boy fiancee Rosa Acosta say?


is he that rich? wow.. i had no idea. if he's so rich then maybe he should try paying his bills. duh


he is a one hit wonder, thats it


He needs to pay people with all of the 'money' he has, like dude, pay your bills first then flash around the cash if you really have any


i would'nt walk across the street to see you for free.then i would call the police to complain about the noise.i dont like you.i'm not supposed to.


This guy is a joke. his music isnt even great. he doesnt even rhyme. he repeats the same crap over and over again. i highly doubt hes bringing in the big bucks. this guy is a douche.


what a jack ass!!! get the F over yourself!! how about using that money and maybe.. hmm, i dont know - help the needy or shit?!?


if he uses that money to pay for security, he should probably hire some better security considering he was already robbed once


and if he's so rich he should try paying his rent on time


wow half those 100s were probably fake


I didn't know he was that rich.

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