Sean Christian Mathis Wanted to Murder Miley Cyrus

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For the record, The Hollywood Gossip does not wish any harm on Miley Cyrus.

We've had our public issues with the singer, but we don't think she's the worst celebrity influence in the world and we certainly don't want to physically harm her.

The same, allegedly, cannot be said about Sean Christian Mathis.

Sean Christian Mathis

According to police reports, the 22-year old appeared on Miley's movie set in June, saw the star's stunt double and screamed: "Hey, it's Miley Cyrus, I'm going to f-cking kill you."

TMZ writes that a cop ran the nut job down and arrested him for disorderly conduct, as well as making "terroristic threats." Mathis said he was a soldier, so he was taken into custody by military police, who will proceed with a case against him.

This isn't the first time someone has been apprehended for stalking Cyrus.

In August, Mark McLeod was also busted on the set of Miley's new movie. Yesterday, a grand jury decided there was insufficient evidence to pursue felony charges against him.

He's now free. We recommend Cyrus get protection, and not just for alone time with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.


Omg seriously I mean yeah shes not the best influence but hu wud even say something like that? Probably a drug addict. So many people say she suks but realy she dusnt in my point of veiw.although you hav ur choice I hav mine but u people hu say he should of kiled her r sik.


notice how its people her age saying she's a bad influence, that means they're right. she is gross && personally yeah its wrong to wish she would die, but i think her career should die. seriously, help the world by getting an education and getting a real one. i dont blame this guy for being that annoyed. america has spoken, get the slut off our tv's.


glad this guy did'nt kill her......I WANNA DO IT MYSELF!!!!


Wow...I used to work with this guy we were in the same platoon. I mean like he was also a good guy,never expected this. I guess you never know people sometimes


Ohh die arme miley ohh nein wenn dieser typ oder der andere miley nur ein harr krümt werde ich dafür sorgen das er auf dem elektro stuhl kommt. Nein ich könnte niemanden tötn ich bin nicht so verrückt wie das mädel das ihre katze essen will oh miley pass auf dich auf :( du bist die beste i love miley♥


right Miley Cyrus is amazing okeyyyy YES she has bad in hur who doesnt think about the goood things she has done she made ppl pay to get into hur birthday party and not one penny when to hur it went to an american charity she gives free hannah montana cd into hospitils (lots of children like the show) make them feel special talk to them visit them .and im NOT just talkin about im ill got to hospitil for a week thing im talin about children that are there 4 life I HATE THIS PERSON 4 WANTIN TO KILL HUR


hahahaaaa! i mean it'd suck if she dies cause she's a living thing but... hahahahaha!


always nice to know someone wants to kill you


Fuck all you Miley haters your the ones that should be shot and killed i hope each and everyone of you rot in HELL!!!


She is naaaaaaasty. Her daddy ought to be ashamed. Kill her, that's a little extreme, but let's be honest. Who hasn't thought about it?!

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