Mark McLeod Arrested for Stalking Miley Cyrus... Again!

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This story is a little complicated - and a lot messed up.

Last week, we reported on Mark McLeod, the 53-year old sicko that was arrested in June for stalking Miley Cyrus. Apprehended on the Georgia set of Miley's new movie, McLeod said he was the singer's number-one fan and that she communicated with him via secret messages on her show.

However, the day after his arrest, this pedophile-in-training was released from jail because he was not charged with a felony and the prison was overcrowded.

Now, as first reported by TMZ, McLeod has been arrested again for stalking Cyrus!

Mark McLeod Mug Shot

How many mug shots will it take before the police officially stop Mark McLeod from stalking Miley Cyrus?

Police say he was spotted hanging her movie set again this week, as McLeod admitted he was attempting to contact his underage crush when the cops slapped cuffs on him.

McLeod is being held at the Columbia County Detention Center. Let's hope they throw away the key this time.

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he is descosting and wath os it he want


so..when do you go puppy shopping? [ohmyfavorite]


To ???? and many of the other commenters, your ignorance astounds me.
Did you not read the part where he was recieving "secret messages" from her via her television show? These are the words of a man with a mental disorder. He shouldn't be slapped into jail for it and "left to rot" or "never see the light of day", he should be treated and rehabilitated.


This parasite needs to be locked up for life. He is a disgusting perverted monster, who should never ever see the light of day again. I sincerely hope that the court gets it right this time and lets this worthless bastard rot in jail.


ewww he is sooo ugly
and pooor miley


He's kinda cute. Looks like an older Nick Jonas.


o my god!!!!!!! pore miley!!!


that an right my grandpal is in love with miley thanks to me but he is 70 but he would not stalk any one no mater how it is stalking some one is not vary a propereat thats invating some ones privesy ps mileys bigest fan miley good luck on your tur peac :)


omg he is 53 the old man needs a life what does his mom think he is crazy is a see him he is a dead man.idky this guy is like this i like miley but stalking is just going to far that old man needs some jazz and not miley cyrus music that's just freaky. nick jonas will take care of her.she needs a bodygaurd or a tazer or gun.I HATE THIS.


Ew. He's ugly. 'nuff said.

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