New Moon Trailer: All About Bella

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You're a human who knows entirely too much about vampires.

So Alice warns Bella at the outset of the latest New Moon trailer, as the preview goes on to showcase...

  • Dakota Fanning as Volturi member Jane;
  • Jacob (Taylor Lautner) as a werewolf;
  • Edward (Robert Pattinson) as the only one that "will risk everything for her."

New Moon, of course, comes out on November 20. Find out where you can meet cast members from the movie before then and check out this new promo below:


its not their!!


Really really looking forward to this movie


this looks INCREDIBLE!
the first time i saw this on tv LAST NIGHT i freaked out!
my mom thought i was being murdered


Check out this cool widget for the movie. Ally yourself with jacob or edward. :)


On the movie posters I feel like the cast are trying to seduce me and sheesh I'm not that easy at least take me out for a steak dinner or something, or a private beach, seeing asssssssssssssssssssssss-uh they be rich!~


I can't wait to see this movie it looks AWESOME!
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