Miley Cyrus: Sex and the City Sequel Role, Dress Confirmed!

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As Liam Hemsworth likely knows, Miley Cyrus knows a thing or two about sex.

Soon, movie fans will find this out for themselves.

Following various reports and rumors, it's now been confirmed that the Disney icon will make a cameo in the Sex and the City sequel.

She won't speak (thank goodness), but the singer will appear on the red carpet of an event... wearing the same dress as Samantha Jones, much to the chagrin of the latter character!

Cyrus actually modeled the dress in question for reporters this week. This is what you'll see her donning on screen:

Miley Dress
Miley Cyrus Cameo

In response to the role, Miley Tweeted... nothing.

Sex and the City 2 comes out in May 2010. Will you be more likely to see if with Cyrus on board?


You are very beautiful




Yeah and then they'd just say mily cyrus demanding stuff on the set of sex and the city. no respect. off the rails blah blah blah


It may not be that she picked the dress but she can chosse not to play the role or ask for a differnt dress cause that dress SUCKS!!!


first off miley didn't pick the damn dress so its really not her fault if you don't like it
secondly, she doesnt even speak! shes just gonna walk down a red carpet wearing a dress so if you hate her tht much just blink and im sure you'll miss it
there are so many worse things miley cyrus could be doing, just because shes on the disney channel doesnt mean she cant be in the sex and the city film; it's unlikely to attract the same fans. And i don't know about anyone else but I was watching sex and the city long before i turned 17 ...


i wonder if she is going to have sex but i am tottaly watching this one


She is crazy going on sex in the city


wat is she wearing! WDF Id rather c ur tits then c u like this fuck wid me miley


leave miley alone shes done nothing wrong


The dress rocks and so does miley. You guys need to chill. All she does is wear the same dress as someone else in the movie. All of you can stop complaing about a 17 year old wear a rocking dress. You guys only say this is wrong becuase she is on disney. All of you need to shut the fuck up becasue she is very talented and all of you who say she is not talnted are jackasses. Who is the one on tv making tons of money? As if you guys could do any better. XD I don't see you guys singing or acting because you guys all suck ass and came out deforemed and should be put down.


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