Miley Cyrus: Confirmed for Sex and the City Cameo

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A few days ago, in front of thousands of audience members, Miley Cyrus pretended to get railed from behind on stage.


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    Yeno miley should do a sex scene I'd love to see her naked and I'd love to them lovely boobs of hers anyways leave her alone she's actin like a normal teenager but cause she is famous she has to act mature well to that I say BULLSHIT. Keep up the good work miley


    hay who cares wat she does or what happens in her life she's aloud to wear wat ever she likes and who cares if anouther person is wearing the same thing its not like shes going to change and why does miley have to have gossip page??? what a question... and why cant you guys leave her alone and let her be wat she is... she's just a normal teenager that is the same as anyone else and she just sings really good so whats the problem if you think miley has a problem well i dont think she does i think you are just jellous of what she does and who she is... if you just give her a chance than you guys will be bummed because you guys will be shamed of what yo are doing to her.. you guys are fucking up her dream and if your got a problem with that than i think you need to go to canceling ok?
    so now fuck off and leave miley to be!


    sex in the city is great


    cool that should be exciting


    haha ' Mother of God: She is wearing the same dress as Hannah Montana.' LOL!!!!!!!!!!


    Good job Miley , happy for you




    yeah people call her fucking slut whore watever coz she behaves like one
    v dont call everyone whore here..
    ok v do call every1 fucking whores here but if that bitches would stop behaving like one then v will sound normal 2 u too bitch


    jelous.. thats the fucking word comes here again so asshole peoples heres a little fucking theory so.. kindly open ur shit eyes here
    Why sumone can get jelous with anybody?
    Look bitch,may b sum can get jelous wit sumone if he or she whoever the shit is little better than them,
    and for fucking God sake here ur assface fucking whore miley cant b better than any1 in this fuckin no wonder war of world watever u say
    watever she is people call her


    Miley whatever you do, just keep going because this is the stage in your carrier where you're facing a lot of disagreements however it will end....

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