Miley Cyrus Raps Goodbye to Twitter

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According to Billy Ray Cyrus, his daughter is pretty much the Mother Teresa of Hollywood. She's the "light" in a dark universe and, therefore, should never have deleted her Twitter account.

Really, he said that.

But in a new video, Miley Cyrus explains why she will no longer Tweet to her fans. It's not because of pressure from boy toy Liam Hemsworth; it's because Cyrus wants to keep her private life private and is "living for me."

It's actually the most sense Miley has made in months, even if she had to do it in another attention-grabbing, self-serving manner...

Will you miss Miley on Twitter?


your a faget


this video fucking lame!


miley u r such a fucking stupid slut i friggen hate u ur music sucks and u cant act y do u try i think u r soooooo ugly and fake so do us all a fucking favor and say goodbye to us all and never come back to twitter u stupid slut


Yeah that's what Twitter is for but she's complaining about her life not being private. She's a celebrity and she should know what that entails already. Stop posting all your personal things and it won't be in public.


hahahaha what a tool.


.....wat....the...fuck...was.....that?!?! that was soooo retarded miley!!!!


yall doggin on her jeez what she sed made sence she doesnt want the world all up in her business n dont want 2 be judge by ppl like u and want 2 keep her life private so maby this is her way of telling everyone jeez back off ,You Will Be Missed On Twitter Miley!


awwwww people u sould give he her privacy


She couldn't be bothered to memorize it? How old are those back up dancers (who has back up dancers on speed dial? "Hey i need to make a quick Youtube vid! Can y'all get over here now?")? One had a tramp stamp. Good to see she's hanging out with respectable folks. No more Twitter. What about the other social networking places and her web site and YouTube? Heck, she probably just got to tired to tweet.


HAHAHAHA, that rap was pretty funny. :P


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