Billy Ray Cyrus: The World is Counting on Miley!

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We make fun of Miley Cyrus because she's a self-obsessed, egotistical celebrity that thinks the world revolves around her.

Now we know why. Hours after his daughter deleted her Twitter account, Billy Ray Cyrus actually posted the following message on his:

A Grown Star

Miley. You are light in a world of darkness. You were born 'Destiny Hope Cyrus' for a reason.You can't leave everyone now. We r countin on u.

Billy Ray is totally right. Miley shoud have won the Nobel Peace Prize instead of Obama. What kind of light does he offer?!?

Miley, you are the light, the hope and the salvation. Now, go put on your hooker boots, pose for a magazine and make daddy some money.

After all, does the President Tweet such life-altering messages as the kind Miley has published over the last few months? Some examples:

  • “people that are so okay with being so hateful diguist me and need to spend last time on a gossip website and more time a. reading your bible."
  • “Tears are words the heart can’t express. Why does saying goodbye hurt so much? Life will go on. You will smile again…we will smile again.”
  • "I love when people mistake bravery with writing a few stupid tweets trying to make it seem like they don’t care. You’re afraid to love.”
  • "I am laying in bed with my mommy right now scratching her bug bites.”

Miley isn't threatening suicide, nor is she even quitting acting and singing.

She's simply choosing to keep her private life more private, and Billy Ray acts as if the world will be impacted in a significant way.

The guy makes Michael Loahn look sane.


if i we billy ray cyrus id have an erection everytime i see that hottie little ass of miley, id tell he to cum sit on daddies lap n feel that tight teen booty relax its weight al over my hardened cock of greatness....assssssshhhh


Those were some interesting comments. I'm finally feeling better about the fact that I have to have a hysterectomy. Although I would certainly hope that my children would you know, it's just not even worth it :)But.... - Can the caps lock. Maybe public schools should teach a Netiquette class, as they have clearly ceased teaching spelling and grammar.
- Think. type. In that order.
- We don't need a thesis from you about Ms Cyrus. The overly-long paragraphs look like Charlie Brown's teachers and other grown ups sounded - "Wah wah, wah wahwah". ;-)


He might even be worse than "Papa" Joe Simpson. Dang.


Wow, he makes it seem like a BIG DEAL that she deleted her Twitter account. Dang.


Billy rocks!


Guys billy ray is doing the right thing. he wants the best for her. he wants her fans to be able to talk to her. and fuck u thg u guys suck and has no life. and 4 ur information shes the light for him


Guys billy ray is doing the right thing. he wants the best for her. he wants her fans to be able to talk to her. and fuck u thg u guys suck and has no life.


I am actually 16!Not 12 genius!
I am not obsessed w/ her or anything but I do think people calling her self-centred,bitch,slut etc is wrong when they have no idea how she is in real life! For every dad out there,his daughter is a light in a world of darkness and you people calling him Billy "Gay" Cyrus would understand that if u had a decent relationship with your dad!May be,billy ray was talking about something else other than miley quitting twitter! Since we arent sure about wat he was referring to just shut up people!
And yeah she did tweeted everything that came to her mind which made it hard to keep her private life private but she apologised for it and admitted that she, herself ,was the reason upto some extent that her private life was always made news! So thats why she left twitter as its basically impossible for her to tweet ANYTHING because the content is made news considering it was posted by Miley Cyrus!


well i think that its a step forward for miley. its good that she is trying to keep private things private and not out for all the public to see. my little cousins look up to her and i just hope she can clean up her act a little bit more. because she does have really good music but its just the way she acts and her attitude. if she can change those for the better than she should be fine.


Flooding for the New Moon thing. =))

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