Kate Gosselin to Jon Gosselin: PR Stunt is BS!

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Yesterday, Jon Gosselin said he regretted fondling so many women in public since his separation; and asked a judge to delay divorce proceedings against his estranged, annoying ex-wife.

The douchebag of a reality star claimed he wanted to "regain control over the future of our family" by postponing the official end to his marriage.

Now, Kate Gosselin has a response to this PR move: Bite me!

Hey, Kate!
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An friend of the grating mother says "Kate sees no reason to wait and drag this out. She doesn't think Jon is being sincere in his comments. She thinks it's all a publicity stunt."

And Kate Gosselin knows a thing or two about publicity stunts! Almost as much as Jon knows about tagging every piece of tail that comes his way.

Now that this union appears headed for an official, legal end, only one question remains: Who will get divorced first, Jon and Kate; or Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian?

Actually, a second question is also pressing: Who sucks harder?

** UPDATE: Jon is now trying to ban the TLC show from continuing. A letter from his attorney has surfaced, which reads:

"Effective immediately, no production crews are to enter Jon's family home for any reason. In the event that anyone enters the marital property, Jon Gosselin will notify the local authorities to effectuate police action against any trespassers."


Jon lies like a sidewalk, if he didn't take the money, why did the judge tell him to put it back. If Kate took money, it was for living for herself and the kids, you don't see her out partying, chasing men ect. Since they took Jons name off the show he saw that his easy life was on the way out,And grabbed what he could when he could. I do wonder how much of that Money went to his scum sucking lawyer ? We know he is only in it for the cash ! Ain't they all !




why is he trying to hault the divorce do it already


O And her prn stut are she is knocking him on all the talk shows and tv news who does she think she is. A Saint cause you aren't girl


why dont they just shut up with this all drama they are taking it way to far..; just like parnts are.




tonya i TOTALLY agree with you he is so crazy i mean the best for your family would be to get a job!! and since when does he care?!? he just cares now because they fired his ass! he is a jerk!


I agree only with Teresa that Jon is indeed lost; he most likely is indeed a product of an early marriage, early kids, and a wife in the driver seat - something he has openly admitted HE PERMITTED, therefore encouraged - and is now doing what must dumb 20-something year old men do, as that he missed out on doing is before. However, to declare that a 30-something man NOT responsible for his own actions/irresponsibilities is preposterous! Kate, I'm sure, now has recognized some of the errors of her ways and take responsibility for her own contribution to her failed marriage; Jon, on the other hand, just makes pathetic excuses. The prodigal son needs to grow the @#$! up. Period. Maybe


Jon said he wanted to be just Jon right instead of Jon and Kate Plus 8 so what is he mad about??


I'm really at a lost for words. What in heavens name is wrong with this man. Who does he think is going to support his children (certainly not him). He needs a mental health check up, right away!! Is there no one in his life mother, brothers, or friends that can say "Hey Jon, you are losing everything. Your family, self respect, not to mention how are you going to pay for your ladies and other man toys. I hope Kate can get the talk show going, get a divorce, sell that house and move on. I know the house is for the kids but the arrangement they have will only work if you are dealing with two adults and they are lacking one. How very sad!!

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