Jon Gosselin Regrets Conduct, Looks to Shed Douchebag Image

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On the same day he got fired off the TLC show that made him famous, and Kate Plus 8 was born, Jon Gosselin is finally owning up to some of his actions.

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    Ok you all. Unless you have lived a day or two in the shoes of Jon and Kate, you should never judge. We don't know what has not been said between the two that hasn't gotten out in the press. It's BOTH parents that are at fault here. You can have your opinions, but how is it ever appropriate to get ones thoughts across when every other word is the "F Bomb"?
    j singh, You started your comment with "I am not a huge fan of these people's story or show". If you don't know the whole story, what gives you the right to make any sort of opinion on a person? None of us know how long exactly this whole mess has been going on as I'm sure when Jon was busted by the press, the break up of the marriage had already been in the works.
    I we weren't buying the magazines, or watching the shows, or reading the websites, this family would just disappear and would be able to raise their family properly. Think about it!


    he needs to go and take care of the family


    too late he is to much of a douchebag already


    he needs to write a book now to make some more many...... I just don't know what else to say about Jon and Kate I am just so tired of listen to them fight and every channel that is all you here is these two idiots


    e is a douch bag, a very big one like him and kate should relly shut the fuck up for thier kids and leave some peace.


    who wants to bet he was screwing around long before it ever broke in the press


    UH,HMMMMMMMM: Ladies & Gents, Like all marriages & contracts: IT TAKES 2 to seal the deal & IT TAKES 2 to dissolve the deal!!!! EQUALLY !!!! Not a one of us lived in that household, nor were the cameras rolling 24/7, therefore not all the facts will ever be KNOWN(as they shouldn't)!!! Marriage is a personal institutation. My best to them both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    J Singh I'm so glad you know what's up. We all know Kate went to Jon, confirmed by her family last October and said the marriage was over, he could date anyone he wanted to, just sign the contract so they could live the charade. Jon asked Kate to go to therapy, she would not and told him to go if he needed to fix something in him. So no, J Singh YOU wake up and smell the coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    kate is the douche bag! it all started with her constant be-littleing of jon and more. Jon has done what anyone just set free from jail would do...good or bad! why everyone is giving kate the thumbs up? she is a controling witch! It should be Jon plus 8! He cares for his kids much more than kate does, he didn't want the show to go on when his family was begining to fall apart, remember! Kate is the one who has to keep the show going for her daily tan sessions, nails and hair appointments. she could care less for her kids welfare. wake up strkr93, what show have you been watching anyway?


    Jon who cares about you anymore, I'm just glad I can go back to watching the show and don't have to see that douchbag on it...

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