Kate Gosselin Continues Jon-Bashing Press Tour

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"Certain events take place that make us sitting ducks. It makes us easy targets." - Kate Gosselin on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in an interview airing later today.

Making the media rounds in an attempt to show she sucks slightly less than estranged husband Jon, Kate fashions herself as the one who takes the high road.

"Certain ones of us speak a lot; others of us prefer to keep our mouths shut," she says, in reference to her Ed Hardy-wearing, PR-loving douche of a spouse.

Asked whether it helps or hurts that Jon is seemingly so in love with the press, Kate says, "I just know that on TV or off TV, I've been targeted and torn apart."

Still, don't expect her to lose track of her priorities.

"I am a mother first," she says. "I will always be a mother, and I would die for my kids if need be. I would never put them in a situation that was dangerous or unsafe for them ... there is nothing I would do to put them in danger."

"My focus is them. It's not the paparazzi. My focus is not what trip I can go on, or what shows I can do as a result of this thing. This is my job. This is what I do."

Well, that and shill for her new book ...

Kate Book Signing

A person who really needs to find a hobby stands in line to have her book signed by author and supermom Kate Gosselin. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

She's all about bashing Jon and saying that she's better than him. But when the topic turns to dating, Kate clams up. Clearly she is still human - and hurt.

"The thought has crossed my mind at some point," she told Ellen of dating again, but she fears any relationships she has are "going to be scrutinized."

Instead of her wedding ring, Kate has been eyeing a ring that has "eight little diamonds surrounded by mother of pearl," symbolizing her eight kids.

"It's the symbol of me and the kids together forever," she says, adding that she won't actually get around to purchasing that until "I have a job again."

Before the interview ended, in the spirit of this big weekend coming up, DeGeneres asks Kate about the new "Kate Gosselin Halloween costume."

"Somebody emailed mesaying there was going to be a Kate Gosselin wig," Kate says. "I thought, 'Wow, is that really what my hair looks like?'"

It is. Just call it the reverse mullet / dead porcupine weave.


That's funny about her take on the wig. Is that the reason for the sudden change in her hair. News flash, the new style isn't much different, but still a little better than it was though


I dont understand why everyone hates this woman so much. There is also another family, The Duggars, that have about 20 kids. I have read that those kids have to request one on one time with their parents on a calendar that they keep on the refrigerator. Why does no-one go off on them for being irresponsible parents? The Mom on that show is so brainwashed by the crazy husband that she doesnt know which way is up. Each older child is assigned a smaller child that they have to take care of. So the Gosselins got a divorce??? It happens all the time. Those kids are fine. I dont blame Kate at all for trying to do all she does to make money for the family. Its not like she could ever count on that slouch of a husband of hers. Leave her alone, you all are a bunch of haters!!


Kate sux as a mom. I am a mom of multiples and have singletons as well and it is a demanding job.She stays gone doing book tours and "Christian" speaking gigs.I think thats a joke she should first try acting like a christian and a mother. I'd leave my kids with paris hilton before kate! Of course it wouldn't matter she wouldn't be there Jon or one of her nannies would be.


Alison... you need to get informed about Kate Gosselin. She dooesn't look after her kids, a couple of nannies do. She has a chef, personal trainer, gardener and house cleaners and nannies. She travels around in limos. She would not have all of this if her kids weren't "working" for HER. She was gone most of October doing TV interviews, hosting the View, Women conference, She was not HOME with her children. Just another tip -- stay in school and get an education; don't worry your little head off about Kate Gosselin; she could rip you a new ...... whatever if she wanted to.


HOW CAN ANYONE SAY THAT SHE IS NOT A GOOD MOM? When was the last time you raise 8 kids by youself? Her kids are happy,healthy and well adjusted and thats a terrible parent? All you haters out there obviously dont have any kids or you all would think differently about her and her actions. You all would probably do the same thing if TLC offered you a tv show. STOP HATING ON SOMEBODY THAT YOU DONT EVEN KNOW!! YOU BITTER,TWISTED LOSERS!!


How can ANYONE say that Kate's a good mom??? It totally perplexes me. She's home half the time, traveling the other half, the kids have all the money they need in trust funds, and now TA-DA... she want to be in the movies? Those kids need a parent who lives in the area- not in New York or probably Maryland with lover boy Steve. This whole thing is so crazy.
Hopefully the judge is going to give them heck for both of them behaving badly. I just don't think that the kids are Kate's or Jon's priority. They both have said it so many times that actions speak louder than words.


How can anyone say that Kate is a good mom? How can she say that she would never put her children in danger? Any mom who would stick their very, very young children on TV so they grow up not having a normal life, sucks as a mom. Her children are exposed to all the nuts out there. Their privacy, gone. Kate took her childrens' rights away from them. They are too young to decide whether they want to be on Tv or not. You're a nut Kate. And your hair? Bald would look better than the crap of a style (or lack of style) that you have now. Better yet, just put a bag over your head and never leave your home. You're greedy, worthless piece of cocka!


Her Ego is bigger than Her mouth.
Ugly Ugly Hair matches Her personality!


Love Kate Gosselin. She is supermom. Octomum and all the rest of the mothers in the world should look up to her. She is a caring,responsible,clean,funny,smart and strong person & is now a single mom raising 8 kids. Most moms cant even manage 1. I hope when i have kids someday i can be half as good as she is as a mom. I also wish jon would come to his senses & realise what he had with Kate and maybe get back together. They were perfect for eachother and made a great team.You can tell she still loves him.


Love Kate! She didn't bash Jon just answered questions. Wish them ALL happiness.

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