Jason Mesnick Gets it Right This Time

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From the moment he got engaged to Melissa Rycroft on the season finale of The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick knew he and Molly Malaney would be together forever.

That sounds bizarre, but it's actually true.

Under Her Umbrella. Ella. Ella. Eh. Eh. Eh.

Following his famous "After the Final Rose" switcheroo in March, Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney have as happy as clams and talking about getting hitched.

He still caught his true love off guard by placing a diamond and platinum ring in a glass of champagne and passing it to her Monday in New Zealand, however.

"Molly was very surprised; she hadn't expected it to happen then, even though we knew it was a matter of time," her dad Mike told The Grand Rapids Press.

"She was real excited. It was a short conversation, and they hadn't made any plans yet. We just found out ourselves, so this is all breaking very rapidly."

Jason Mesnick asked Molly Malaney's parents for their blessing first.

"Jason called us before the proposal," the Michigan native's father said. "He sent Molly out to get her nails done, and he said he wanted to run it by us first."

Despite the controversial Bachelor finale and the unusual courtship the two had, Mike Malaney is all for it: "We've already determined that he’s a good guy."

He says that Molly Malaney, a 25-year-old fashion buyer for Kohl's, moved to Seattle - where Mesnick lives with five-year-old son Ty - "about a month ago."

"They're just enjoying being together," a source says of the cute couple.

They've yet to set a date. But when they do, it will be a joyous one.


I am sick of Melissa as well, she was so in love, big suffer and next day in her old boy friend's arms. If you love someone so much like she pretended she loved Mesnick, you take a break....drama queen just to be in public ....I don't think will last this time as well


Hmm.....People lay off Jason and Molly...They are happy and deserve to be. I am still sick of Melissa the drama queen.....always having her own pity party......She couldn't stand Tye her old boyfriend and that is why she was on The B in the first place...Now after much (way too much) publicity she is marrying the person she made rude comments about....give me a break......She just loves to be seen in public one way or another......phony.....


aww bless them haha :)


get a life, you people. two people dating for six weeks and decided to call it quit - what's the problem with that? i am sure many of you have done something similar before. it makes absolutely no sense to hang on to a so-called relationship when the two persons aren't even compatible in the first place. what's the big deal about doing it on tv? there is nothing humiliating about breaking up if you outsiders don't whine and bitch about it, period.


Well, i think the whole dumping on tv thing was ultimately just for ratings, so sucks for the girl who had to get the boot, but maybe he truly loves the other girl? (HA RIGHT)


He's a douche bag and they are made for each other. Any gal that picks up after another gal gets dumped knows what she is getting in to. Once she's in his environment full time, she'll dump his DB butt.

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