Celebrity Fashion Face-Off: Whitney Port vs. Diane Kruger vs. Emma Watson

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How lucky are we that the same celebrity style was recently rocked in frocks on the gorgeous frames of Whitney Port, Diane Kruger and Emma Watson?


The actresses (we're not calling The City a reality show anymore, it's just not possible) added graphic appeal to their dresses with heavy black piping.

Obviously, when you bring together three young beauties like this, there can be no incorrect response. But whose look do you like best? Vote below!

Whit, Diane and Emma

Whose dress is best?


Emma's dress is best


emma !!!


i like emma's dress.. i like that she's always a classy dresser


I think all of them are a little odd looking. If I had to choose, I'd probably say Emma Watson's is the best out of the three. Only because I think the piping makes the black dresses look a little cheap. But Emma's look as a whole isn't all that bad!


I don't mind Whitney Port's shoes though


Whitney Port has the most ridiculous fashion sense. Go Herminone :)


ummm... Whitney Port's dress i think just looks hideous on her between Diane Kruger and Emma Watson I would have to go with Diane Kruger


i like all three dresses! I wanna wear one!!

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